VIBGYOR School – Bangalore incident

Here is an update about the gruesome incident that took place in Vibgyor school Bangalore. A 6 year old child was raped by 2 teachers and the school authorities are not taking responsibility for kids. Here is the updates I got from a parent.

Update on vibgyor incident:Those who
cannot make it today…Here is update

      1. The incident took place on 2nd July and child of 1st grade was sexually assaulted by 2 school teachers.

      2. Two SPA coaches of school are involved in the incident i.e. Gymnastic Teacher and Western Dance Teacher

      3. The incident took place in main block of the school between 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in some dark room

      4. School is trying to cover up the entire incident and not ready to take any responsibility. School is trying to prove that incident happened outside the school but police confirmed it happened in Main Block

      5. Possibility of more people being involved cannot be ruled out by police as the Aaya (maid) took the timeout and she only took the child to dark room and after that she only took the child to washroom for cleaning on the day of incident

      6. The SPA teachers assaulted child on the pretext of punishing her and threatened her of dire consequences after the incident

      7. Both the teachers are in police custody but not arrested yet8. The class teacher, Primary coordinator, SPA coordinator and other teachers are being questioned by the police. All SPA activities are suspended by the school sine die till the investigation is over.

      8. This is not the 1st incident but many parents highlighted & reported multiple cases of molestation and child abuse within Vibgyor premises in last few years….In-fact last week 1 girl student of 6th class was molested by swimming teacher in school. The gymnastic teacher who is arrested, there were multiple complaints in past against him for taking pics of girl child and molestation. If school would have taken action against Gymnastic teacher on time then this horrific incident could have been avoided.842_horamavu

      9. All parents were aghast and shocked by the attitude of school authorities…The principal was hiding behind and on top of it school authorities named the child in public domain which is a serious crime…Parents were concerned that any tom, dick and harry can be teacher in VIBGYOR HIGH and most of the teachers are working for pocket money…They are not trained teachers & just doing time pass…Send your kids at own risk till end of academic year….It was shocking to know experience of other parents and it is one of most dangerous schools in Bangalore with lot many untold stories of child molestation and abuse.
        Please pass on this message to all your friends through all what’s app groups… A protest march is organized against gang rape of 6 year child in Vibgyor High School, Marathalli, Bangalore on 19th July (Saturday) at 10 am. It will start from Vibgyor School, near kundalahalli gate, thubarahalli, Bangalore….this horrific incident is now covered by national media….please circulate on all What’sapp groups…it will be our small contribution to bigger cause and will help in making world a safer place for kids..

  1. Request all of you to spread this message. Let us join in the fight against such incidents. The school authorities and people involved have to be severely punished. It can happen only with our efforts.

Read the reviews on mouthshut here

I just signed the petition “Karnataka Education Minister Kimmane Ratnakar: Issue directive to all schools in Bangalore to impose security measures for the safety of children” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:




Conversation in Kannada Lesson 2 – At Bus Stop

Person 1 – Excuse me, do we get buses towards airport here? – (Kan) Excuse me, illige airportige hoguva bussugaLu baratta?

person 2 – sorry, I do not know. – (kan) Kshamisi. Nanage gottilla

Person 3  – It comes here. But you should wait on the other side of the road. – (kan) adu illige baruttade. aadare neevu rasteya aa badiyalli kaayabeku.

person 1 – oh, is it? ( kan) Oh, Houdaa?

person 1 – Do you know the bus numbers? – ( kan) nimage bussina number gaLu gotta?

Person 3 – all numbers with 18 go to airport. – (kan) hadinentarinda shuru aaguva ellaa bussugaLoo airportige hogottave.

Walking and Talking ads spotted in Nizampet

Talking ads – A new marketing concept

Today while waiting for my daughter near bus stop I saw these two boys who had tied these hoardings on their back and were talking with each other. At first glance it did not look very pleasant though. But I approached them and talked to them about their experience. They said it is nice. The concept was the idea of their boss. People do show interest, they come and talk to them about the product. They were also holding pamphlets which they gave to every prospect who showed interest in their product.

talking ads

Its a novel idea as long as the marketing guys and gals enjoy doing it. Because if they look unhappy carrying that board on their back, it will not create a positive image of the product. Inturn if they look happy, then it is a better way to market as they can keep moving from one place to other, one street to other with that board.

print ads

Walking and Talking ads

In this particular photo they are carrying the ad of a pre-primary school. Thus daily they can stand near one or the other day care centers, other pre-primary schools, play schools, parks etc. Nobody can come and remove their hoarding, nor can they paste other ads on the board!!! That is a great advantage indeed isn’t it? Also it will create employment for jobseekers.

I feel this type of work will specially work for kids related products, if the person holding ad is found to be more attractive with balloons etc, they can promote more kids related products.

A new life partner ?




Well its good to be loyal to your spouse, but is it good if you are loyal to your company? When I say company, it means two things  both the organisation where you work, or the company of friends which you keep!!

You are loyal to your organisation but organisation needs someone who is having the expertise in latest technology, Then organisation wouldn’t mind breaking strings with you and tie another knot with another more valid and skilled employee! Isn’t it? Then why should we be loyal to the company?

And now lets talk about the company of friends. Over the years we see that our way of thinking is going tremendous change. A person who considered love marriage to be sin, might now see that its other way round! She might think arranged marriage is sin and love marriage is the most divine thing. But her friend who supported her old idea might not support her new idea.

When your way of thinking changes and the company you keep no longer accept it, then what is the fun in keeping such company? Rather such company becomes pain in the neck. But why am I telling all these?

Because I feel we often get addicted our gadgets in the same way as we get addicted to our company. Not bothering to know there are other better things out there. I have my computer ie desktop which I bought in 2000!, I have laptop which my husband gifted me in 2009! I have a tablet which I bought because of some indiblogger coupon I got . But in-spite of all these both my personal and professional life are lagging behind because of the inefficiency of these gadgets!!

The laptop suddenly started giving problems from past few months. I didn’t want to reformat it because there are few programs installed in it, I dont know if that could be copied to other system, as the program said for one system only when I bought it. It is some education software for my daughter

 and it has courses from pre-primary till grade 4 and she is still in grade 2. Losing it now will mean losing two years interactive chapters.

My fun book is of no use to me as it does not have Microsoft office in it. Also the more the memory is used the slower it becomes.

I cannot even use my husband’s office laptop as it has Lotus in it and not Microsoft office!!

Oh god, life has really become hell depending on all these losers!!

This is when I got ASUS, it was like dream come true. I could start working on all the pending work I had. I could start participate in all blog contests J

I could make presentations for my Training sessions.

There was no need to be always plugged in as it gives 11 hours battery life. Hence I could easily keep it in hand and continue my working while sleeping beside my daughter.

So the life wont stop with Asus.. your new partner for life…




Good bye Andhrapradesh…

Goodbye Andhrapradesh..



With a heavy heart I am saying goodbye to the state in which I am living from five years. Henceforth I will be living in Telangana and not Andhrapradesh.


In a country where great poets like Kuvempu and Rabindranath Tagore talked about being a global citizens rather than limiting ourselves to our caste, creed or Language, the people of Andhrapradesh have decided to divide further thus increasing the pieces of India. I am afraid how many such more surgeries our mother India has to undergo!


In a time when cities like Mumbai and Bangalooru have become cosmopolitan and not only people from allover India but also people from all over the globe are residing in such places, here we are dividing a state which has one major language Telugu to two parts and looking at the identity of a person by his place of origin and not by his qualification or character.


I always wondered when it does not make any difference for a Hyderabadi to find job in Bengalooru and work there, and a bengaloorean to work in Hyderabad how is it going to make any difference by dividing state to two or three parts??


But local people do understand the issue and hope that bifurcation will solve their problems. Now that Chandrababu Naidu will be the chief minister for the residual state of Andhrapradesh, even I am under the feeling that Hyderabad should have been a part of that state. Looking at the irresponsible comments KCR makes I wonder how can he ever do justice to the people.


So now even though we continue to stay in the same house my address will be changed. Now onwards I need to scroll down to select my state of domicile!!


As they say ‘what ever happens, happens for good’ Lets still be optimistic and hope Telangana prospers like never before and all those people who sacrificed their lives voluntarily or by force will rest in peace.