Book Review – Chaos Down Under

This is the second installment of the Chaos Trilogy by Nishant Kaushik. But I happened to read this one without reading any of the previous novels by Nishant. I might have enjoyed the novel more had I read the first installment of Chaos.

The story is a first person monologue told by Nakul who works at a software firm called Bytesphere. Nakul is given the task of impressing an Australian client and ensuring that the project does not slip out of their hands. But Bytesphere does not give Nakul any resources which he can feel proud of . He himself has not received many reimbursements which are long-standing, hence recruiting talented candidates who would look for high pay scales is ruled out. So read the story to find out how Nakul manages to form a team of six bytes. What challenges he will face? Will he be able to impress the client? What happens to his love life under these chaos?


For me the story was a mixture of opposites. It is humorous throughout but at times I could not enjoy the humor the way it was presented. Somewhere the main character Nakul who takes us through his story has so many biases towards people around him, that it becomes very difficult for the reader to understand when he is exaggerating and when he is being honest. Throughout the novel we are only getting the views of Nakul on all other characters. We never come to know what the other character is thinking.

These days its a fashion among most people to generously use terms like a****le, L*** his a** and so on. But I really do not like that kind of langauge. Also I don’t enjoy reading or watching movies where in toilet scenes, vomiting scenes are in abundance!! I hated Delhi Belly for the same reason even though the story line was otherwise too good. Same applies with Chaos Down Under. Somewhere I felt why read so many unpleasant things, when all I expect from reading books is some inspiration, good mood, and positive thoughts. I did not find them here.

But as I told, its targeted at a different kind of readers, who would enjoy reading all these slang.

It would be a good time pass for people working in corporates or people looking forward to become software engineers. Those who are not talented and have less grades can still hope to get placed after reading this novel, and those who don’t get placed can always think that, they are too good to work under an inferior boss, hence he did not recruit them. !!

Character Radha Murty has been mocked at by the author throughout the story, somewhere I felt he wants to portray the South Indian girl as not good-looking, dumb, lazy, boring and so on. He also mentions she would call Akshat asakshath !! Did he wanted to tell Akshat/Akshath as Akshad? Not sure whether Nakul called Radha Murty as Moorty/moorthy/murty/murthy :-)

After the first half, everything becomes very much obvious. At every situation the author goes on giving hints as to what can happen, hence the reader is already aware this is not going to work. So he makes it very predictive. The story might have been more interesting if he had avoided that.

Thus I would say as a budding author it’s really good effort. But to be able to delight readers from all over the world and all age groups, the author has to revisit his chapters again and again and make it more presentable.

Would love to hear views of other readers. Please drop your comments below and Thanks to Blogadda for sending me this book as a part of Book Review Program.

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Ann of Green Gables author Lucy Maud Montgomery

After falling in love with Japanese  Oshin Serial I was really looking for other good serial ( drama) from Japan and I happened to come across a comment in Facebook that Oshin fans will love Hanako to Anne

and truly I did fall in love with that series too! Not only me our family including my 7 year old daughter have started watching Hanako to Anne. I will write in detail about that series in another episode. In that story Hanako translates the Anne of Green Gables from English to Japanese. Thus I was searching for the book Anne of Green Gables and found it in wikipedia. I really look forward to read this series.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery

The author of this series is Lucy Maud Montgomery. Montgomery was a Canadian author. She lost her mother when she was only a baby of 21 months. Depressed by the death of wife, her father left her in the care of her grandparents. Most of her childhood spent in loneliness. Hence she created friends in an imaginary world. This is how her creativity grew with no bounds. She became a teacher and preferred that profession as it gave her more time to concentrate on her writing work. She wrote her first novel Anne of Green Gables in 1908 which was a huge success and was followed by series of books.

Anne of Green Gables series

First page of “Anne of Green Gables”, published in 1908

  1. Anne of Green Gables (1908)
  2. Anne of Avonlea (1909)
  3. Anne of the Island (1915)
  4. Anne of Windy Poplars (1936)
  5. Anne’s House of Dreams (1917)
  6. Anne of Ingleside (1939)
  7. Rainbow Valley (1919)
  8. Rilla of Ingleside (1921)

Being tall, slim and fair, she had many admirers from the opposite sex. Though she got proposals from many prospective grooms she could not accept them as they were either dominating and did not understand her passion towards writing or some of them were narrow minded. In 1911 she married Ewen MacDonald. She gave birth to three sons. She died at the age of 67 on April 24th 1942.

Her book Anne of Green Gables became very popular in Japan, and was also included in the national curriculum in 1952. And with the airing of Hanako and Anne in Television it must have become more and more popular. Thus most of the Japanese visit her birth place green gabled victorian farmhouse in the town of Cavendish on Prince Edward Island.

Fantasy park Mysore

GRS Fantasy park is an amusement cum water park in the heritage city of Mysore. Situated in the not so densely populated city, compared to Bangalore, GRS Fantasy park is a best place to enjoy your summer holiday with friends and family. You can click on the link to visit their website where you will find all details about the park and also buy tickets online. Mysore being my hometown I am always there during my summer holidays. And my daughter makes sure that we will take her to GRS Fantasy park even if it happens to be a short duration trip to Mysore. And nevertheless we too enjoy all the rides like kids.

Best thing would be to reach there by 11am. Take a pair of clothes to change after visiting all water games. You can either choose to go for water games first change the dress and then go for dry games, or go to dry games first and then for water games. You will not be allowed in dry games or rides if your dress is wet.

Everytime I go to GRS Fantasy park I am really amused to see old ladies in the age group of 60-70 trying all the rides with their family. I see some grand mothers happily enjoying the rides which I myself am not able to do.

Good thing is you have rides for all tolerance limit. If you want to adventure go for the high speed ones, if you just want to relax and enjoy take the ones which are not so scary. And dont miss the Dragon”s Den.

Important things

  1. This should be a whole day event, so don’t go there if you are having less than 3-4 hours
  2. Go with a company, don’t go alone, you wont enjoy much. Still you can enjoy if you become one among the crowd.
  3. You can take lockers on rent, you can take swim suite on rent.
  4. Enough number of clean wahrooms are available.
  5. Food is not great, still there are 2-3 restaurants inside.
  6. Dont go to the lazy river if you dont have much time. That should be the last option.
  7. check the timings in the pamphlet given at entrance and be at those places at the mentioned time to experience thrill.
  8. Separate ladies and children pool is there. This you can use if yours is only ladies gang. Else you go to common family water pools.

If you have visited GRS Fantasy park, let me know your favorite rides in comment please.

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Madam Jayalalithaa & a few thoughts of mine…..


One should not be punished just because they were not smart enough to hide their mistakes!! Even those who are smart enough to escape from law should be punished.

Originally posted on Truth & Light:

27th  September 2014 will be remembered as an unforgettable day in Indian Politics.  Some would remember it as a day justice got delivered, for many others it will be the day on which their great leader, their strong leader,  their own AMMA was convicted and arrested. However,   for many other curious onlookers like me, it is a day of dilemma.  This judgement  and the present circumstances  pushed me into a confusion as to whom I should support and the sort of stand I ought to take. It took me good 7 days to collect my thoughts and here I present them to you.


Madam Jayalalitha

Madam Jayalalithaa’s conviction in the Disproportionate Assets case cames as surprise to many, many believed that she would come out of it unscathed,  a few others thought that she would be  let off with a small sentence.  The conviction, the 100cr rupee fine, the 4 year imprisonment and her consequent disqualification from holding any elected…

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Stand by Sarita


Sports is the most neglected field in our country. Its all the more difficult if you are an Indian woman getting into sports. But is the effort worth it?

Originally posted on Truth & Light:

You come from country where woman getting into sports is something unheard of.  You are born in an age where the only sport that offers glory and a road to fame is Cricket.  You are born in an age where most girls either choose studies or the glamour

Stand by Sarita

Stand by Sarita

industry to make their mark in the world. Then, you choose to be different. You choose “Boxing” ,  a sport that women were once forbidden watch as the sport of your life.  You train yourself for decades, at the age of 32 when most woman would have a stable family life and a stable career going on,  you get into the boxing ring and take punches to bring medals and glory to a country that went with out a medal for 16 years in the olympics.

Then,  when some judges err and rob you of a Gold Medal.  The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) officials…

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Dengue Discussions

Dear Friends,

few days back I had posted a discussion thread about Dengue in Bangaloredengue. Here is the summary of the discussion. Also click this link which gives you detailed information about causes, symptoms and precautions to be taken.

Please contact doctor if you ever doubt you are feeling ill. This post is just to alarm you about Dengue and request you to take all measures to keep your family safe.


  1. Lot of people use a plate under the flower pot to prevent water from leaking and soiling of floor. It is a clean water source best for dengue mosquitoes. They also showed me new eggs ready to become lethal dengue mosquitoes. Place was quickly fumigated. Some other places that they looked for:
  2. A little bit of water leftover in a mug/bucket etc for days 
  3. Little bit of rain water that gets stuck near slider doors etc
  4. Basically, any clean source of static water kept for days is what dengue mosquito loves.
  5. If you are working from home, you are at higher risk as dengue mosquitoes are found during day time. 


  1. Start using mosquito repellants during day time also as Dengue causing mosquitoes are active during day time
  2. You have to put a drop of Citronella Oil in each room of your house to ward off mosquitoes.
  3. Remove all source of stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed

Hospitals in Bangalore

  1. the hospitals should have platelet separation facility
  2. Fortis Bannerghatta Road has this facility.
  3. Manipal Hospital – Dr.Col Holla
  4. Rotary blood bank, Thippasandra
  5. Columbia Asia Yashwantpur has this facility
  6. Columbia Asia Hebbal does not have platelet separation facility


  • High fever, intense head ache, pain behind eyes, muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes
  • If the platelet count shows a trend of falling rapidly, please do not delay admitting in a hospital, preferably a hospital with a blood bank attached. Though I am not a doctor, but as a matter of caution also keep a check on Creatinine level in the Kidneys and SPGO  and SPGT  ( liver function tests) enzyme levels. In my friend’s case these enzyme levels had gone up to 16,000 as against a upper limit of 65 and 40.
  • Adequate hydration of the patient is the key to recovery.


    • It is correct that for platelets, the type of blood group is immaterial. Any group donor can give blood to the Blood Bank except persons who have diabetes or any other chronic disease. The Bank extracts platelets form the blood and the platelets are transfused to the patient.
    • Platelet count is important if it is going to sub 15000 range (Sub 10000 mark, internal body bleeding and organ failures start). That is why doctors ask to donate platelet for emergency purposes. Hence should be monitored cautiously.

fake freecharge

I came across this comment and thought of checking it out. But it turned out to be fake. If you click on this link you will be asked to give your mobile number then you are asked to paste this message to 20 people as comment. Then they say you will get 200 in our account. You will be asked to download apps. But after doing all that I did not get any recharge on my mobile. So its fake. Dont go or it.

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