Klondike – Sandwiches classic vanilla

My 2 year old son liked the Sandwich icecream at a friends place. I did not note down the brand name at that time. Next time when he asked for Sandwich Ice cream, I bought this one from Target on parsonage Road Edison.

But this one was not really of good quality. It must be the way it was transported and stored. The biscuit/cookie  layers had lost their freshness and looked like wet papers.

I am not buying this again. This post is a reminder for me not to buy this again.

Sanju Movie Review

Netflix does have many good movies and shows to watch. Recently I watched the hindi movie Sanju. Sometimes I wonder why do I choose serious topics even though the purpose of watching movies is for entertainment. But unfortunately movies without substance don’t really attract me. Now how do we decide whether a movie is good or bad. First and foremost I really dont have the patience to watch any average movie especially when I am in front of a smart TV where I can navigate from Netflix, to YouTube or YouTube to prime video and so on. Thus If I watched a movie in addition to taking care of my toddler son, then it means the movie is good! Thus Sanju comes in worth watching list.

There is a debate why do you have to make the movie of a Culprit, but you do have the famous ‘God Father’ that was also about the Underworld Dons. But here at least he is not underworld don, How an offspring of famous personalities becomes addicted to drug, still comes out of it and becomes successful actor but again the fate puts him in prison.

The things to take from this movie are

  •  His struggle to come out of addiction
  • lesson to all those who might fall into the trap of bad habits, bad company and addiction
  • lesson to parents to be there for their children in times of their emotional needs
  • message that do not blindly believe each and everything that’s propagated in social media.

some of the questions I have is

  •  if it’s a biography why there is no mention of his first and second wives
  •  where is his child hood?
  • was the honesty of sunil dutt the reason for him get arrested?

I guess Rajkumar Hirani can come with a TV Serial so that it can start from Nargis and Sunil dutt wedding to the present Sanjay dutt. Because I believe a lot of things during his childhood might have definitely affected him to fall into the trap of drug addiction.