Blind Date with the world

Thanks to  Luftansa, for coming up with this topic.  

Just imagine you don’t have to buy tickets, plan your journey and still be in the places you dream to be. Wow wouldn’t that be great? It sounds like most of the TV shows my daughter watches. A kid thinks of becoming adult soon and next day she is waking up as an adult. She is so happy to be a grown up and independent, but soon she realizes her parents are not helping her as they did when she was a kid!

But coming back to this dream of visiting places around the globe, there are no cons to it, all I see is pros!! Few years back if someone were to ask me what is your wish list for travelling around the world, I would have come up with places like Switzerland, Paris, Rome, London, US ( which has already come true) and other popular tourist destinations. But now if I were to think where would I want to be given the chance, then my list has changed. When I look back and see the places I have visited before and where I got the utmost happiness or felt rejuvenated, it’s the less known beautiful scenic places. Nature continues to inspire me, improve me, and help me explore the hidden me!

Thanks to the screen savers I got with my new ASUS, it asks me if I like what I see? and also tells me where it is. So here is my Bucket list of places I want to go.

  1. Plitvice National Park – Croatia – Nearest airport is Lošinj Airport, Croatiaplitvice national park
  2. Min Mountains – China – Nearest airport is Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

    agriculture asia cat china

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  3. Swallows Nest Castle – Ukraine – Nearest airport is Vienna International airportswallows nest
  4. Uluru a.k.a Ayers Rock – Australia – Nearest Airport Docker River airportuluru australia
  5. Antelope Canyon – Arizona USA- Nearest Airport Las Vegasantelope canyon
  6. Antartica – Port Lockroy Argentina – nearest airport Ushuaia – I should say my love for Antartica increased after watching the TV Series ‘Atypical’ There is so much reference to the Penguins and other animals of Antartica. I almost fell in love with that. What better place do I need for a Blind date? So this definitely goes to my #BlindListEmperor-penguin
  7. Dargavs Village – Russia – Nearest Airport – Vladiklavkaz      This place kind of reminds me of Deserted Village of Feltville. But definitely they have different stories and different history. Dargavs village is popularly know as city of the Dead.Dargavs-Russia

If I don’t have to pack and plan and just go anywhere I want like I had the magic mat, then is there a limit? I wish I could come back and go on continuing the list. Yes I will definitely do that.This Entry is for a contest from Indiblogger and Lufthansa. I really thank them for this contest and it really gave me plenty of Travel Inspiration.

Smt Veena Mohan Harikathe Schedule 2018

April 29th : Narasimha avatara at Srivari temple nj

June 9th. : Sri Vadirajaru at Sri Krishna Vrundavana nj

June 16th : Akka Mahadevi Sonerset nj

August 25th: Seeta Kalyana in English Staten Island

September 8th : sri Purandaradasa inEnglish Pomona temple NY

September 22: Parvati Kalyana south jersey

November 10 : Babruvahana Tennesse

Deserted village

I volunteer at New Jersey literacy group which conducts ESL classes for adults and we often learn so many things from students. During one such class a student spoke about watchung reservation and I was keen to visit the same.

Thanks to the good weather today I just went to watchung with my family. We loved the long but not do tough trails but more interesting part was this deserted village at the site.

This is what their website tells about it

“In 1845, David Felt bought 760 acres of land and built a printing factory along the brook. He built an entire town on the bluff above the brook to support the mill operation, and by 1850, 175 people were living in Feltville. After Felt retired in 1860, other business ventures were tried but failed, and the town became deserted for a short time.”

Read more at Deserted village

Will visit again and write more about it.

Liberty Science Center NJ

Today we visited the Liberty Science center which is a Science Museum. At the end of the day I was so happy we took the membership because we could’t cover exhibits in all floors in one day.

Not just the exhibits, the shows they have are so interesting and educative. I really fell in love with the Nikola Tesla Lightning show.

My husband and daughter enjoyed the 5 minute crawling in Touch Tunnel activity.

Subzero: The states of matter a science experiment show was also very engaging to kids and adults as well.lscfeb03

I kind of felt we should have visited this Museum much before as its just 30 minutes drive from home. Now that we know it has so much to offer to kids of all ages we are definitely going back to explore more.

The membership charges per family is $175. I should say the money is worth it if you have kids who are eager to learn and want to go back to the museum after first visit. I am sure because of the kind of activities they have any kid would love to go back there.

But I should add the laser show was really boring. They can make it more interesting appealing to all visitors. It was fun for first ten minutes are so then it got boring. If they make movie about laser show and show it and then do the laser show it can be interesting. They did try to explain a little in the beginning of the show but that was not that interesting either.

But there is so much to explore. There is 32 items on the Daily schedule list, and we could hardly cover 5-6 of them today!

Visit their website for more details, I will be back with more about the museum when I visit again.

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