Thanks giving by anagha


Similac pro advance infant formula 

I ordered this from Amazon. Comes in a box with 8 packs of 6 each and one reusable nipple in every pack. Cost $50.55

Though I ordered for pro advance formula I got advance formula. Seems like pro advance is discontinued. 

This is good for new born babies. Babies don’t get addicted to this. They continue to take breast milk even if they are introduced to this formula. 

Elise Bunk Bed

 Bought this Elise Bunk bed (youth) from Walmart online. Just finished assembling. My daughter and husband could assemble it with the help of a screw driver. Took the help of a friend to lift the cot and put on the other. This can be used as Bunk bed or two separate twin beds.

Got the mattresses from sleepy’. 

Top bed has enough side rails so the child won’t fall off. 

Overall quality is good. Really happy with its purchase.