Sanju Movie Review

Netflix does have many good movies and shows to watch. Recently I watched the hindi movie Sanju. Sometimes I wonder why do I choose serious topics even though the purpose of watching movies is for entertainment. But unfortunately movies without substance don’t really attract me. Now how do we decide whether a movie is good or bad. First and foremost I really dont have the patience to watch any average movie especially when I am in front of a smart TV where I can navigate from Netflix, to YouTube or YouTube to prime video and so on. Thus If I watched a movie in addition to taking care of my toddler son, then it means the movie is good! Thus Sanju comes in worth watching list.

There is a debate why do you have to make the movie of a Culprit, but you do have the famous ‘God Father’ that was also about the Underworld Dons. But here at least he is not underworld don, How an offspring of famous personalities becomes addicted to drug, still comes out of it and becomes successful actor but again the fate puts him in prison.

The things to take from this movie are

  •  His struggle to come out of addiction
  • lesson to all those who might fall into the trap of bad habits, bad company and addiction
  • lesson to parents to be there for their children in times of their emotional needs
  • message that do not blindly believe each and everything that’s propagated in social media.

some of the questions I have is

  •  if it’s a biography why there is no mention of his first and second wives
  •  where is his child hood?
  • was the honesty of sunil dutt the reason for him get arrested?

I guess Rajkumar Hirani can come with a TV Serial so that it can start from Nargis and Sunil dutt wedding to the present Sanjay dutt. Because I believe a lot of things during his childhood might have definitely affected him to fall into the trap of drug addiction.

New Jersey Spring-Summer-Fall plan

I just thought of sharing my – want to go places list for Spring – Summer – Fall in and around New Jersey

  1. Longwood Gardens – address 1001, Longwood road, Kennet square PA – 19348 Dates from April 1st to May 5th Spring blooms
  2. Bowman’s Hill’s wildflower Preserve – 1635, River road, New Hope PA – 18938 My Groupon ticket is valid till July21 but I would like to visit it before May 31
  3. Diggerland  – This is expensive and they are open during spring break.
  4. Crystal Caves – 963 Crystal Cave Rd, Kutztown, PA 19530 I might visit this in fall as its indoor or somewhere in June-July when its hot. Tickets Adults $20 and Kids $12
  5.  Valley Shepard creamery – 50 Fairmount Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853 Spring lamb tours April 13 to end of june only on Saturdays
  6.  BranchBrook Cherry blossom festivalIMG_7171
  7. Casino Pier – Breakwater beach –
  8.  Duke farms – Many interesting events at Duke Farms
  9. Strasburg Rail Road

Cooking Fever Review

I must have downloaded cooking fever almost six months back.  Me, My daughter and my little son all three of us enjoyed playing that game. I had finished all levels in bakery shop. Then I had bought Hell’s Kitchen and had completed 15 levels, I had bought sports bar also. Then while I was stuck at a level I just thought of buying the gems. I usually dont spend money on virtual games. The only time I spent on games was when I had bought virtual villagers. We own that game once we buy it, that was different.


So I decided to buy jewels, it said some jackpot for every 100th buyer. So I wanted to check my luck, and I bought the jewels using Microsoft store and the game got stuck there. The gems were not added, nothing happened. Then the game just shut down. I opened it many times, but the game would just open and screen would go off. I contacted Microsoft store. The agent said I can uninstall and install the game the gems will be there. He said it will sync to where you were in the game. I thought I can get gems buy I might not get the jackpot which every 100th buyer gets. So I uninstalled and installed the game but to my shock it started from beginning. No gems, no levels!!!!!

I contacted the nordcurrent support from the link which Microsoft agent gave and also link available on the game, but they said they will respond within two days and there is no response.

So I would not recommend this game, especially I would not recommend buying anything from Microsoft store because they dont take responsibility. I have not even got a follow up mail for the chat session I had with the Microsoft agent.

Thanks Giving Shopping

I just thought of listing my Black Friday or Thanks Giving shopping for my reference. Then I thought of making it a blog post as it can help others and I can look back to it in future.

Even though I was reluctant to do any shopping because I have too many things at home, and only two years of visa 🙂 Still ended up buying few things because of a whatsapp group where in people discussed available deals. So here is my shopping list.

  1. $40 Alexa dot and fire Tv stick from amazon
  2. $20 Bella Air Fryer from Macy’s
  3. $59 Bought Instant pot from Macy’s but now found it for lesser price on Amazon
  4. $20 Samsung Memory Card 128GB from Amazon
  5. $20 Toy Guitar from Amazon But cancelled order after reading description
  6. $5 McAfee Anti virus from Amazon
  7. $11 Twenty Piece Baking supply by YiHong on Amazon
  8. $11 Music Stand from Amazon
  9. $30 Cookware set from Macy’s

I will add other items bought in WoodBridge Mall soon. And also reviews on above products.