AMC Dine in Theatre Menlo Park Mall

Hi Friends welcome back to my series on Life in America.

My husband is yet to get Drivers License, and Taxi being costly here, life is kind of boring without car. Luckily I have few places which could be reached by walk. Even then the summer heat is so high that its not that easy to walk even a mile. Here in US people mention distance in miles and not in Kilometers as in India. So we keep converting it to kilometer just as we convert dollars to rupees every time we have to buy things!!

So yesterday I decided I will take my daughter to a movie in the AMC Dine in Theater not waiting for week ends or nights so that husband can accompany us. The show was at 3.15 and we left home around 2.45pm. I did not buy it online as it showed ticket value total as $20 and another $2 as convenience fee. I thought that convenience fee must be for buying online. I think I was right.amc-dine-in-theatres

I had seen that AMC theater comes on the back side so I thought it would be easier to walk from outside, so we walked towards Macy’s went inside Macy’s and came outside. But that was a wrong decision as the AMC theater is in first floor. Again went inside the mall came to first floor and entered the theater from there. By now it was almost 3 pm or so. I thought waiting in the queue would consume more time so went to buy the tickets in Ticket vending machine. But somehow it did not work out. Meanwhile a kind lady offered me to lend her membership card so that I will get 50% discount. But as I had already swiped my debit card I told her Thanks but I already swiped my card. She said OK and left. Then I realized that the machine did not accept my card and I had to wait in the queue again. Bought the tickets when my turn came and asked her if the movie already started, she said no, not yet. I felt good, but was wondering its already 3.30pm or so, how come it did not begin yet. We went to our Screen NO.5 and with the help of staff there found our seat E1 & E2. It was not difficult to find, the alphabets were written in big font on the floor itself.

All chairs had a button so that we could call the waitress and order food, the menu, ketchup, salt and pepper everything was kept beside all seats.

I realized the movie has not started yet, many ads of the movies coming in next months, releasing as late as October were advertised. I was wondering what is the need to advertise about the movies which are coming in October, still 2 more months to go. But I felt the secret life of pets would be good one to watch.

Finally the movie begun, it was good. Audience started getting the foods which they had ordered. I did not feel like ordering anything as it would distract my daughter and we don’t need anything to eat in a movie which is hardly one and half hour long. Unlike Indian movies it did not have any interval. I don’t know if there are no intervals in American movie theaters or it was so because it was a dine in theater.!

The movie was over by 5pm or so. I wondered if it is over or it is a break. As I could see all the movie crew list scrolling on the screen I knew its over but still waited for more people to leave the hall. Then I was sure its really over!! Came out with my daughter, she enjoyed the movie a lot. We went to washroom refreshed and entered the Menlo Park mall again.

I was feeling hungry, so was my daughter. Bought some pretzels in Auntie Anne’s and a Lemonade. It cost somewhere around 10 dollars. Lemonade was really good. The pretzels were little salty but were fresh and tasty otherwise.original-nuggets

From there we went to Roosevelt park, spent another another three hours there. My husband joined us there. Then we walked back home.

My husband told us that we saw a movie in

Patel Brothers Oak Tree Road Edison

No wonder Edison is called little India in US, we get to see Indians where ever we go whether its shopping mall, Hotel or parks. Why go so far I have many Indian neighbors in our community itself.

I have been thinking of writing about Patel Brothers the Indian grocery shop from many days, but could not do it, so I thought let me do it today. As you can see in the picture, the Patel brothers Grocery shop covers a very big space on the corner of Oak tree road. You get almost everything here. The beauty of this store is, you wont find such a store anywhere in India, because here you get the whole Indian products under one roof. You have products preferred by Kannadigas, products preferred by Gujratis, North Indians, South Indians and each and every corner specials. Does it happen in India. India we have to go to Gujrat to buy the Bhakri chai powder, you should go to Kerala to buy banana chips, you will get Parachute coconut oil in south India and get mustard oil in north India, but here you can buy anything and everything.

patelbrothers (1)  patel brothers shop patelbrothers (9)

patelbrothers (8)patelbrothers (5)patelbrothers (2)  I am a global citizen when it comes to thinking but I am a pure vegetarian Indian when it comes to cooking and eating. I try all delicacies of India, so I am so happy that I can gongura chutny, sarso ka sag, sabbasige palya so on and so forth.

We used to make something called Patrode in karnataka, the Gujrati Paatra is v22ery similar to that, you get it ready to eat at Patel brothers for just $2. Also we get ready to eat Masala dosa, rava dosa, uttappam and so on.

We get frozen freshly grated coconut, dessicated coconut, tender coconuts, regular coconuts, the plantain vegetable, oh the list never ends.

I bought Kumkum,and  mysore sandal agarbatti to make puja.

I bought Shikakai powder and Henna powder which I never did when I was in India!!!

You will get Amrutanjan, zandu balm or what ever other Indian brand you prefer..

When I keep telling all the list to my mom over phone, she says they should also come and live in US!!

Thanks to Patel Brothers for such a huge collection of  variety of products.

Plays in the Park @ Edison – Play Oklahoma

In continuation with my posts on Life in America, today I am posting about Plays in the Park. Plays in the Park is a Theatrical organization in Roosevelt Park, Edison. Initially I was of the impression they stage plays in different parks on different dates. But now I realized it happens only in Roosevelt Park at Edison and people from distances as far as 40 miles or more come here to watch the plays. I am so lucky that I live at a distance as near as not even half mile from the Park.

Last Friday we watched the Play Oklahoma. Music by Richard Rodgers, Written by Oscar Hammerstein and Play was directed by Margaret Davis. It has been many years since I watched any play. In India we could not attend any play even though we wanted to because of distance and time constraints. So my idea of a Play or Drama as we used to call it in childhood dates back to 80’s. I remember I had seen a kannada play with my parents and siblings by name ‘Mudukana maduve’ which translates to ‘Old man’s wedding’. It was a comedy. Then the actors had to come near the mic and speak aloud. There would not be more scenes as arranging background would be difficult or the different scenes were differentiated mainly by changing background curtains. Next one was my own participation in a play during my high school days at Jaganmohana Palace in Mysore. But looks like the Theatre has advanced to much more professional, interesting and enchanting stage with the help of technology.

I went to this play Oklahoma with my husband and daughter. We were spell bound by the splendid performance of the team, the music played by around 50 musicians in front of the stage, the ability of the actors to Sing, dance and act so effortlessly, the moving houses, moving fences, moving wind mill and so on. With so much of ease stage was set for the next scenes.

We sat at the center row exactly facing the center stage and could get clear view of everything on stage. When curly (Andy Martinez) started singing ‘oh what a beautiful morning..’ with such a melancholic voice I felt the whole audience felt it was really a beautiful day to be sitting there and watching them sing and perform. okhlahoma (7) a_okhlahoma (34)

I really doubted whether the artists are singing the songs or somebody with the music team is singing, we could not even find mic any where near their head or ears. May be I did not observe all those things as I was immersed in their story. Every dance was splendid, there was humor, comedy, fight, anger, dream, innocence, cruely, love and affection. All possible feelings came and went. I could observe that each and every actor did their best. At any point of the time you could not see them appear like as if they are acting, they were all part of that story and it was as if its really happening and they are experiencing it.

We met another senior person who was very friendly and told us more about shown in US. He told this troupe is at par with the Broadway of Newyork or sometimes better and they are charging so less compared to them. He shifted to Edison 19 years back and is watching these plays without missing every year.

The Ticket charges for 7$ for adults and free for children. They took 3$ rent for chairs. The show was for 2 hours, but we felt as if it was over within an hour. Because it was so interesting. I really loved to sit under the clouds and watch the splendid performance. I felt I was in the seventh heaven.

I should have seen the show on day 1 and should have posted so that you all could have joined me, but dont worry they will be playing “Jesus christ superstar” from July 29th.. See you then..

a-okhlahoma (27) aokhlahoma (28)

Life in America

Hi Friends,

Just reached US one month back and its time I share my experience here. I am sure unless I note it down I might not remember what all I noticed here in my first visit. Also my views might differ if I continue to stay for more years here. :-)

Watching Amercia in movies is definitely different from being here. We will feel the cold weather, we can feel the warmth of people, we will learn courtesy, we will appreciate the cleanliness and systematic way of life.IMG_1120

We will definitely miss the freedom we had in India. You feel like you are caged without a car here. Because you cannot just walk somewhere and get an auto if you feel tired. In India even if I go out without carrying any mobile or money at least I can catch an auto all the way till home and pay the driver after reaching home. Here If I forget to take my cell phone then I cant call a taxi, I wont get any on the road!!

Very unpredictable weather. Good that I came in Summer here. So we can mover around without a car. But when I went for a walk as it was a bright day suddenly it rained!!

We need to always keep track of weather by watching weather alerts. Most of the time they are right.

Can you believe we dont see price tags on grocery products here. No MRP mentioned on any product. Every shop has its own pricing and different prices for same product in different shops. Hence you should be very careful while buying groceries on regular basis or in large quantities. Go the nearby shop for emergency needs, go to the best priced shop for regular shopping.

I live in Edison and I meet many Indians. In fact if we go to any mall or park we feel that we are in India and can see many foreigners here!! Well when it comes Indians, most of the old people miss India. They want to go back. And most of the people of my age who have been living here for more than 5 years, blame India. They keep telling, oh I cant tolerate that in India, I dont like this in India and so on!! I wonder will I also start talking like that if I stay here for long?? I hope not.

They do not make any false statements but why highlight it so much? If my house is not clean instead of living in somebody’s clean house, I should clean my house and live in it. But its not easy as said.crotonpark (7)

Also people living from many years here, have a very negative image of India. Lot has changed in India. I feel we are more aware of pollution hazards, environmental challenges in India rather than US. Even though US can easily ban plastic usage and make people use more and more biodegradable products, they have not yet started it.

I had put my daughter in one of the best schools of Hyderabad and the public school here is no match to it. But its free. Our government schools in India just cannot match the government schools of US. But if I need a school as good as the one she was studying in India, I will have to pay almost 10 times the fee I paid in India. I think so. I have to check the fee structure of best private schools here.

Well there is lot to write.. hope I will divide them properly to specific topics and discuss in my future posts.

Till then bye bye.

Game Changer is here

Do you love playing games? Which games do you play? Chess, snake and ladder scrabble or Virtual villagers, candy crush or angry birds? Have you won thousands of games and beaten number of people in your scores? Thats great. So what profit did you make? You must have spent hours playing games on the net, must have downloaded lot of applications, might have even paid for some lives, paid for downloading games and what are the returns? Just Time Pass and Fun?

Here is a Game Changer entering the market. From now on, your addiction to games is not only an enjoyable experience but profitable too. Dont believe? Still have doubts? Asking me how much I need to invest?

Yes, I am telling the truth, and No you do not have to invest a penny for that.

Most of the time when I played games like Virtual villagers or Angry birds clearing the levels and putting so much effort, I always thought instead of building a house for virtual villagers what if I could build a real one for myself? Instead of earning highest score in Angrybirds what if I could highest salary. Not even salary if only scoring highest or clearing levels in the shortest time than millions of others had any tangible credit to the player. Now here it is.

fatcat logo

Fat Cat is launching Lucky 6 a game which is fun, entertaining, challenging and rewarding.

Yes, you heard it right. Its rewarding. You get actual real prizes for winning. You can win Cash Jackpots and Luxury Prizes. Not just badges or scores!!

Its challenging. Your 7 year old kid cannot beat you in this game so easily. If he has to beat you, then he has to do some hard work for that. Yes, it needs some brains. Do you have it? Then its for you. You do not have? Then you can be happy with the chocolates games on Facebook.

Because it is challenging and rewarding it automatically becomes more interesting and addictive. Yes, you heard it right, its definitely going to be addictive. But whats wrong, better to get addicted to something which gives you returns than to get addicted to something which empties your pocket.

You play with friends and family. You invite others and when they win you win a share of the Jackpot prize. Isn’t it great? Instead of competing with friends, here you are playing with friends. If you are the smart guy in your group, you will be in more demand. If you have smart friends around you, the chances of winning are more.

  • Free Installing
    • Yes you heard it right. You do not have to pay for downloading it. There are two versions IOS and Android. You are never asked to buy lives. You dont have to be a premium member or any such thing to hit the Jackpot. So fair and simple. It is just like any honest genuine competition you ever attended in life. I am saying this because these days, people earn degrees by paying money!!!
  • Simple Game
    • Very simple game. Because I said challenging dont be under the impressions its only for mathematicians or scientists. Its for all the common people. The people who are aware of brands. Yes Brands. Have you heard of Google, Apple, IBM, Mercedes, Mc Donald, TaTa, Reliance, Airtel , Coco Cola ? Which are the top 6 brands as per your views? Does it sound interesting? Yes It is interesting. You just have to select the Top 6 brands which you think will top in the Capital market on the day you are playing the game. If your 6 matches with the Top 6 at the end of the day. Then You hit the Jackpot!!!!! Hip Hip Hurray.. Simple isn’t it?
  • Social
    • So what is Social doing here? Yes, all your friends in facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, Hike and your office and your family members where ever they me on earth can be of help to you in this game. You can be of help to them too. You add a friend to your crowd and if his selection matches with the final 6 on the day, he wins Jackpot and you win a part of the amount too!! So you will not hesitate to add people, rather you will be adding more and more people.
  • Real Rewards
    • You are getting real rewards for winning. Its in cash and luxury prizes. You are not made to pay from pocket when you are stuck at level unlike other games.

Believe it or not India is the chosen country to launch

this game for first time ever

Fat cat has chosen India as its first destination to launch Lucky 6. India tops the list in the maximum use of Social Applications. Social will never be Social unless you share things. And Indians are good at sharing. They want to have fun and want their friends to have fun too. Hence Fat Cat has chosen to launch its dream game application Lucky 6 in India.

fatcat sharing

This is going to create a revolution in the Indian gaming scenario followed by world as it is giving rewards in cash. Not just cash, but huge amounts. It is a crowd funded initiative. You can be a part of it too. Click here for more details.

I have been lot of games since the introduction of internet and always felt guilty for wasting my precious time. Of course there are King Players who beat my record in the amount of time spent and number of levels reached. But was it worth it? Now when I look at this game, which is free to install, and its not like gambling. You are not choosing some odd numbers you are choosing most well known brands. And if you are a novice when it comes to brands you will go google and find out. You will discuss on brands with friends. Isn’t it so refreshing and enganging for educated and intellingent people like you and me. Your kids will not come and tell they have beaten your scores, if they want to beat, instead of spending hours on the game, they will spend some time to improve their General knoweldge on brands too. They will start reading newspapers, they will start following TV news, they will not ask you to change the channel if you are watching Business Channels.

I find it so interesting being a fan of Business world.

Uplifting Brands

The game not only tests our Brand knowledge but sooner it will be a test to brands too. There will be reverse action where in the brands would like to know which brands stood in the highest place as per the players!! I do not know whether Fat Cat thought of this, but I do feel this will happen. Free installation and real prizes. Friends win you win. So its going to be viral anyway. And ones millions of people start using there will be debates in all friend circles about brands and why they think that should be the top 6. It will be a test for the brands to know their brand equity, Brand image and positioning of their brands in India and in the global scenario when game enters all countries.

Lucky 6 by fat catI have downloaded the game to my mobile and started exploring it. Have you?

Explore more about the game here Fat Cat Gaming