Mango Pickle



Long veriety of Mango – Totapuri Maavinakaayi – 1

Salt – 50 gram

Red Chilly Powder – 20 gram

oil – 50ml

Asafoetida – 5gram

Sugar – 10gram

Turmeric Powder – 10 gram

Mustard Seeds – 10gram


Cut raw Mango into small peices, mix salt and keep for 7-8 hours.

Heat Oil in a pan, remove from heat, and put mustard, asafoetida, turmeric powder immediately. The mustard should splutter. It should not burn. Take care that oil is not too hot or still on the stove. Let it cool.

Add sugar and chilley powder to the above seasoning. Then add Mango pieces soaked in Salt. Mix well. Keep in a Glassware or Chinaware and close the lid tightely.

Tastes delicious with Rice, Chapati, and Bread.

Can be kept in Refridgerator for 5-6 months.

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3 comments on “Mango Pickle

  1. Azriel Lider says:

    Sound interesting, but do you prepare it?


  2. Azriel Lider says:

    “do you preapre it =”how do you prepare it?


  3. pbindu says:

    Yes we do prepare it. As I was busy I have not yet put the method to prepare, will do it soon. Please wait.!!


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