Vegetable Cutlet


Potato Big Size – 4
Beetroot Big size – 3
Carrot – 2
Oninon – 2
Salt to taste
Cornfloor – 25gram
Rusk Powder – 100 gram
Oil for shallow fry
Turmeric Powder – A small Pinch

Boil all the vegetables except Oninon in a pressure cooker.
Then cut the boiled vegebles or mash it.
Cut the onion into small slices
take 2 table spoon of oil in a pan and heat it
add turmeric powder then the onions and fry till onion turns golden yellow
Then add the sliced/mashed vegebles and add salt
mix well.
Now your filling for cutlet is ready.
Now make the filling into desired shape, usually make balls then press it.
make a paste of cornfloor by mixing it in water.
immerse the vegeble stuffing in cornfloor paste
Then roll it on the rusk powder.
Now put that on a Tava, pour little oil.
Turn it on other side and wait till it gets roasted
Now your Vegetable Cutlet is Ready to Eat
Remove from heat, Tastes good with Tomato Sauce and Pudeena Chutney.


One comment on “Vegetable Cutlet

  1. Adarsh says:

    Hi Bindu,

    I haven’t made vegetable cutlet in a long time. Will definitely try this recipe.


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