Tomato Onion Gojju


Tomato – 4

Onion Medium sized – 4

Sambar powder – 1 spoon ( you can vary depending on your taste)

Salt to taste

For seasoning

mustard seeds

Curry leaves

Turmeric powder

Cumin Seeds ( Jeerige)


chop the onions and tomatoes finely.  Take a Pan, Put 2 spoons of oil. Let it heat. put the mustard seeds. Let it splutter, now add Cumin Seeds, curry leaves and turmeric powder one after the other. Then add onions. Roast it well, keep stirring it. Then add tomatoes. Add salt. Add sambar powder or rasam powder.  Add a pinch of sugar. Keep on the flame for 10 minutes. Add water if necessary.

You can add coconut milk or grated coconut if you have.

Now the tomato onion gojju is ready to eat. It goes well with rice, rotis, chapati and dosa.

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