Hi Hyderabad

shilparaamam, Hyderabad

shilparaamam, Hyderabad

Hi Friends,

Its more than a month since we shifted from Bangalore to Hyderabad. For the first time in my life I am experiencing the awkwardness of not knowing local language!! More so because of my small daughter. Otherwise may be I would’t have minded much. Somehow I would have survived with English, Hindi and little bit of Telugu. Now its more important to learn the language because you need to help your child learn the language so that she can interact easily with others.

And I feel it will be the same way with outsiders in Karnataka, so may be I need to put one blog with simple words and sentences so that outsiders can learn and use while interacting with those who know only kannada. But still somehow I am of the impression that in Bangalore right from Vegetable Vendor, House maid to Auto Drivers.. they speak hindi or english.. So not much of difficulty. Only non kannadigaas can tell me, if I am right.

Apart from language things I liked in Hyderabad or some of the places worth visiting. Shilparaamam of Shilpakalavedike is really too good. A must visit for all who love handicrafts, village atmosphere, classical music and good food. Interestingly I hail from Mysore and I asked in the canteen ‘what is that?’ and reply was its Mysore Bajji!! well 🙂

There is a bullock cart ride for 5/- per head!!.. A village model with people made of mud who really look like real people. My daughter was almost scared looking at those motionless people. Jalagam park is good one for all those who love parks. And for kids. Lumbini garden is also good. Ofcourse its a again a must visit place, as you can go and see the Budda’s statue.

Zoo is pretty big compared to Mysore zoo. But still for seeing animals Mysore zoo is good, as you dont have to walk so much.  But still this looks like a favourite picnic spot for many.

Why I liked Hyderabad so much, and enjoying life is because all these places though very far from where I stay are still reachable!! In bangalore you think of traffic and never feel like going out of home. And in bangalore all the places are meant for shelling out your money.. than to enjoy nature.. expect few parks like lalbagh.. where you cannot definitly expect 2 years kids to play..

Thats all for today..


2 comments on “Hi Hyderabad

  1. Ajit Sahu says:

    Nice one bhabi…


  2. Bindu says:

    Hi Ajit,

    thanks for the comment on my blog. Hope you are doing well. Share some latest pics of you and your wife.


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