Language Crisis

Few days back CNN-IBN interviewed some ministers of Karnataka and said, even Chief Minister’s Grandchildren go to English School, where as Government is imposing Medium of instruction as Kannada to all Primary education.

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Now no doubt a child will grasp everything quickly if taught in his or her mother tongue. But how does it take them. In Karnataka at the max a person can study till 10th in Kannada medium. After that very few government institutes offer 11th 12th in Kannada medium. What if that student gets into an engineering or medical institute, can he have medium of instruction in kannada. If not atleast text books in kannada? NO. Why Kannada I am sure none of the states in India would be offering Science related subjects in any Indian language. Thus instead of struggling at a higher level its better to be more familiar and comfortable with english from the very beginning.

But if we would like to see more and more scientists from India being seen in the list of Inventors, then we need to have complete education system in Indian Languages. The ease with which Indian kids pronounce Indian words, let it be Hindi, Kannada or Oriya, that fluency does not come by birth for the foreign language. My daughter finds it easier to tell Bendekaayi, Bhindi rather than Ladies Finger!!

So its high time Government instead of forcing children to study in Kannada, takes steps to Translate all course materials to Kannada and starts at least one college in each category in Kannada medium. Then with no effort Kannada medium schools or Schools that offer education in a Child’s Mother toungue will be in demand.

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3 comments on “Language Crisis

  1. Darshan K says:

    Hmmm.. nice.! I agree ur perspective. Its a long process, will our lazy ministers make way for the same..:P. Its impossible until our “vidhana soudha” is replaced by some young, energytic n EDUCATED people.
    so papanni will be persuin her education in Kannada medium..??


  2. Bindu says:

    Hi Darshan,

    Well definitely Paapanni will go to kannada medium, if Young and Engergetic People like you get into Vidhana Soudha.. by the time she joins school… what do you say??


  3. Darshan K says:


    Yes of course, even though i will be SE next year. Indian Administrative System is the field am focusing on..!! Change is always good, wat say..??


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