baalika vadhu

baalika vadhu

It was long since I watched Hindi Serials. Those were good old days, when we used to see serials at 9pm

only and the second episode would come one week after that. Serials like Intezaar, Fouji, Buniyaad and

Jeevan Rekha. Then as I joined Engineering, more studies and browsing then work, then again post

graduation, by the time I was back in Bangalore we had enough Kannada Channels with good serials like

Mayamriga, Mukta, Silly lalli etc.. and never got attracted to Hindi Serials like KKSBKBT..

Now we shifted to Hyderabad and as of now no Kannada Channels in my cable providers list, and I dont

understand Telugu. I did not intentionally go for other service providers like Reliance Big TV, Sun Direct

etc, where I have the option to subscribe to Kannada channels, thinking I will learn Telugu, as I did learn

Hindi by watching DD1 in those days.. But now I have the option to watch Hindi and English channels so

naturally I shift from Telugu to these as here is something which I can understand.. and I ended up with

Colors and 9X

Colors stands apart from other channels with very few serials but good ones, more realistic and with a

message. Baalika vadhu which aims at educating people about nuisances of Child Marriage. Na aana is des

laado.. which shows the ugly face of Jamindaars or the monopoly of privileged rich people in villages,

Swarg which talks about family values, Utaran another fairly knit story. These serials are not like those

where you have MIL VS DIL or some wicked maama and story running around the same people. These

serials do have villains and all that, but with a different approach, here the vision is broader and does not

assume the viewers to be stupid.. as most serials do.. They have some gist in them.

hats off to the performance of Maasa and Anandi in Baalika vadhu.

How can I forget the ‘India has got Talent’..which has given opportunity for all common people and come

and show their talent. Though as of now none of the shows have happened in South, I am sure they will do

that.  Its not easy giving decisions sitting there. Good job by Shekar, Suman and Kiran ji.

But one thing I observed is in the half hour slot for a serial, the actual story, excluding the repetitions is only

13 minutes..all the rest goes in advertisements, coming up and repetition from previous episodes.


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