Relationship Marketing – Text And Cases

Category -Book Review
sub category – Management
Title – Relationship Marketing  – Text & Cases
Author – Shajahan
Publisher – Tata McGraw – Hill

The subject Relationship Marketing is some thing which must and should be studied by all Marketing people. But when I was asked to Handle Relationship Management as Faculty/Trainer, all I could do was build cases and examples based on my experience. Because all my effort to search the right and relevant book went in vain. Because everytime I ended getting books and articles on CRM, which focussed more on CRM Tools, rather than any Relationship Building and maintaining skills. I did get one or two chapters on this topic in few books. But Bravo!! This book came by courier to me, after I left the job of Trainer.. But better late than never, this is the book I wanted.

This book deals with all the important aspects of Relationship Marketing.  Customer Acquisition strategies, Customer Retention Strategies, Loyalty, LCV ( Lifetime Customer value), CRM, and Learning Organisation are the major chapters covered.

The good thing about the book is – This is the only book I found in category of Relationship Marketing. Its simple to read. It has good coverage of topics. Right one for all those in Managment field, whether Teachers, Students or Managers.

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