YSR is Dead, Long Live YSR

YSR might be a well known person to the whole of Andhra Pradesh, but nation is knowing his worth only now. This is what happens always, we will be having living legends around us, and would know of him or her, only after losing them.

Now all the news and media talk about his initiatives to help the poor. How he was termed people’s man. why don’t they do that when the person is alive. It will be moral booster, a true tribute, to the living soul. Often in India, Bharat Ratna and other honors are given after the death of a person, but all these appreciation and award should be given to people, when they are alive and energetic. That way they can do more, others are motivated to follow their footsteps.

On the birthdays of super stars we will have their success stories, all challenges they faced, their films, songs etc etc aired on all TV Channels, but this does not happen with other good politicians, Police officers, or IAS officers, and other Artists. why is it so?

when will have programs like this commissioner turned 50 and his achievements, when will be celebrate the birthdays of great teachers, Social workers, Business men etc?

And its really good the way cable operators removed all other channels except news channels in showing respect to the departed soul.

If they do not air any advertisements during these news events, then it will be a humane way to react to the demise of people’s minister.


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