A Wednesday – Hindi Movie by Neeraj Pandey

It has been long since I went to any Auditorium or Theater to watch a movie, as my daughter would definitely dont let us idle at some place for more than 5 minutes forget 2 hours..

I just asked my husband, if there is any good movie in our collection, which I have not seen, he said, ya, you can watch Arundati.. Telugu.. I asked does it have subtitles, he said NO.. then I said, oh No then..

Then he said you can see A Wednesday.. as my daughter was sleeping I just watched it with headphone. well its too good. Characters are so Active, No songs.. Needless to comment on Anupam Kher, Nasiruddeen Shah ..they are at their best as always..and others are good too.

I dont want to tell more, If you are looking for some good Direction, Story which only wise people can write and understand.. this is the movie for you :-))

watch it and let me know your views..


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