Bachpan Preschool Kids visit Andhra Governor on Raksha Bandhan day

Bachpan Nizampet Kids wish Governor

My daughter Anagha is studying at Bachpan School, Nizampet in Hyderabad. When the Director of the school told me that we are planning to take Anagha along with other kids to wish the Governor on Raksha Bandhan day, I was little confused. Whether to send her or not. She is not even 3 years old. First of all the journey, it will take minimum 3 hours to and fro, and then she is too moody at times. To add to this she did not even have her breakfast on that day, and we were not supposed to given any lunch box to them. Her stomach was also upset the day before. But one thing I was sure of was she feels happier to be with her teachers and school friends than stay back at home.

So I just made up my mind, kept on telling her that the teacher will take them on a round in School Bus. They have to tie Rakhi to the Governor, they will take them to their house etc etc.. But I did not tell her there will be too much of crowd, too many photographers, too many mics etc!

We needed to be there at the school by 9.45am. We were there at that time; other parents whose kids got the privilege to go for this momentous occasion were also there. Anagha happily sat in the first seat, to my surprise the boy sitting next to her was also a Kannadiga. So I found one more Kannada speaking Parents here. But that makes no difference to Anagha much, as she has already picked most of the Telugu vocabulary!

The bus started and we came back home. I was anxiously waiting for her to return. She came back cool as she comes from school every day!! When I asked her where she went, she said, the teachers took them for a ride in school bus! That was what I had told her…

That was not all, my husband told me that ‘they will air this news in all Telugu news channels’ and it will come from 1 to 2pm… But for our disappointment there was no power. The only neighbor who has an Inverter fixed in their home was out of station. I just called my mother in Mysore and told keep watching Telugu news channels they might get a glimpse of Anagha’s visit to Governor. They called back and said that they don’t have any Telugu channel at all…

Then the power came after 2’o clock or so, we just kept one Telugu news channel ON. Other one in PIP mode… Suddenly my husband started shouting Bindu come come… Anagha is in TV… by the time I came there was different clip coming… He said, he too did not see properly as he came to call me… He went to office and was busy taking care of Anagha. While Anagha was playing with friends I could see the same clip again, Anagha in the arms of Mrs. Governor Vimala Narasimhan.. Wow I was so happy..

Then I got a call from the Anagha’s School Director Sravanti Madam that if it is possible I should record the news clip, whenever they show Bachpan School kids, so that we can show to other parents.

I did not have any hopes as Anagha never allows me to concentrate on one work and do that. This required lot of effort as I had to continuously keep watching more news channels, and also as I do not know Telugu much, I can’t make out immediately which news item will follow now. I tried to record whatever was coming in TV with Handy cam just to check the quality of video, it was horrible. Then I tried the TVU player in my laptop. Good I could record it, but the channels I needed were not coming.

Anagha slept at 6pm or so, I was so hungry, but I did not want to leave the Laptop screen, I hoped at least in 9 clock news they will definitely show, but 9 to 9.30pm news, it did not come. Just then my sister called and told me that she saw Anagha in ETV Telugu news. I said good, and I told her that I was watching inews in Laptop and they did not show it now, before I could complete my speech, there was a different person presenting the news and I could see kids around Governor, I just kept the phone and took my Handy cam and recorded. I don’t know when Anagha’s school kids came there, finally I could capture 15 seconds of Anagha’s school Kids and Teachers around Governor ESL Narasimhan. I was happy that at least I could record that much, but at the same time felt, If had not moved away from laptop, may be I could have covered more!!

I still tried till 11-12 in the night if they will telecast the same news, but they did not. I was just thinking, there are so many news they keep showing again and again, but here when we are waiting for one, they don’t show that. The other news I could see again and again that day were actress Vijayashanti Tieing Rakhi to KCR, Prakash Rai ( known as Prakash Raj in Andhra) Tie the wedding knots!

So we slept late… My husband bought some parcel for me as I did not cook anything. That was not all, we had to get up early morning to buy the Newspapers!.. He went and bought all available newspapers next morning. We got Anagha’s photo published in Saakshi, and Anagha’s Teachers in another daily!

Anagha sitting next to Principal Geeta

Anagha is totally unaware of all this celebration of ours! Then again we got calls from other parents and teachers, did you see this paper, did you see that paper, I could not get it, please show me if you get etc etc..

I scanned the newspaper clip and shared with friends and relatives. My mom asked me to laminate the newspaper cutting and preserve it. I shared the video I recorded with School Director and other parents. We could get more photos from School Director, I could see Anagha in Mrs. Governor’s  arms most of the time.

We felt so proud, so happy that Anagha went all the way to Rajbhavan met Governor and came home. All the credit should go to the Director Sravanti who made this event Successful. Right from taking the appointment to bringing back the children safely, she must have had put so much of effort. We find it difficult to manage one kid at home and its all the more difficult when we take them outside, and they managed with ease 15 kids!.. That’s why we say

Gurubrahma gururvishno gurudevo maheshwaraha

Gurusaakshaat Parabrahma Tasmai shree Gurave Namaha||


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