Mujh ko chand laake do…

Hey.. its good that Indiblogger came with this contest.. whats your demand??

Everyday, everybody on this earth feels.. this should have been like this, if only I had something like that, why cant they invent something like this.. isn’t it?

My demands as on now are…

  1. I need a cook who can cook like my mother, and does all the items I crave for as and when I need.
  2. My daughter never allows me to use the laptop, if I take desktop, she wants to use that, so I just need a system where in I can save the same work simultaneously at both the machines, so that irrespective of how many times we change systems, I wont lose the work.
  3. Recently we baught this printer,scanner and copier from hp.. how I wish if it could scan all my Engineering and MBA Xerox materials and save it in folder, without expecting me to keep everysheet in the scanner and scan!
  4. My daughter does not want to see other person’s face while doing video chat, she want to see her image in full screen, sometimes she tries to put her image at various places but it fits in at only four corners, how I wish she could place it where ever she wants..
  5. We are planning to buy a house, I just want to know at my budget amongst all the ads that are there in internet, at various websites, which one suits us best.. for our budget, and other priorities.. I cant search it in every site and see right.. I would like to check in both hyderabad and bangalore and then decide..
  6. My 3 year old daughter is not that much TV savy as much as laptop savy, so can i browse net in TV, so that she will be under the impression I am watching TV, and allows me to browse in TV!!
  7. I need a washing machine which will wash clothes without requiring it to be connected to electricity or water inlet or outlet.. so where ever I keep it, it should operate, and irrespective of whether water or power is there are not, they should get washed!!..
  8. I have seen dishwasher from IFB but that is not upto my expectation, I need a dishwasher which will pick up every plate, spoon etc individually, scrub it, wash it then wipe it and keep aside safely!
  9. I just wish one day I will get too many responses to my blog posts… so much so that It will have hundreds of comments like amitabh bachchan’s blog!!

4 comments on “Mujh ko chand laake do…

  1. Oh, my dear, you are certainly expecting miracles but, I suppose, one should ask for what one wants….maybe miracles do happen!!!


  2. ES says:

    I don’t know about the other points, but the second point is simple – buy an external hard drive (USB) which you can use while working at PC as well as laptop.


  3. Dobi says:

    Second one..I know I have a solution for you. If you are working on documents or something start using google docs. All it takes is an internet connection and bang your work is accessible from any machine which is connected.

    If you use a lot of bookmarks – chrome has a functionality to save your bookmarks on the web as well so that you can roam around with them.

    Cheers !


  4. Bindu says:

    Thank you Dobi,

    Though I am connected to net 24 hours, I get disconnected if power goes off, so that time google doc might not work.. anyways not good thing is Babu’s office laptop Audio is not working!! 🙂 Thus Anagha does not prefer this one, and I usually work from this!!


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