Forwarding Resume

Hi Friends,


Everyday most of us keep getting resumes of friends, Friend’s relatives, Friend of Friend etc.  To whom would you forward that resume? To decide that you need to know the qualification and other details about the candidate.  If that is not mentioned in the mail we need to open the resume file, read it then decide where to send the resume. Thus we will postpone the job of opening and reading it, as we will have more important jobs.

Thus it is necessary for the sender to include some basic details like qualification, years of experience, field of expertise so that it becomes easy for the receiver to forward the same. It might often happen that we would not have gone through all the resumes we have got from friends, and some other friends might be having a requirement and we would not be knowing that somebody in our network had requested for the same.

Thus I just wrote this post so that who ever reads this, when ever you forward resume of any person for that matter, in order to help them out please include basic details.

If that is mentioned whenever we come across matching requirement we can get back to them. We can also know who is the right person to whom we should send that particular resume.

Its not enough these days if one mentions he is an engineer in Computer Science, we cant blindly send it to the HR of any software company, we need to know what is the specialization of this person, what is the requirement at the company etc. Thus it would be better to mention Mr/ Ms X with computer science degree and having exposure to Java xyz, is looking for openings in so and so fields…

Dont you agree??


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