Sampoorna kumbho na karoti shabdham

ardho ghato ghoshamupaiti noonam

vidvaan kuleeno na karoti garvam

gunairviheenaaha bahu jalpayanti

This is a Sanskrit saying which is similar to the English proverb “Empty vessel makes more noise”

Here is the meaning of the Subhaashita mentioned above.

Sampoorna kumbhaha shabdham na karoti – Full filled pot does not make noise

ardho ghato noonam ghoshamupaiti – Where as Half filled pot makes lot of noise

vidwaan kuleeno na karoti garvam – Knowledgeable and Well groomed people are not too proud of themselves, where as those who do not have any good qualities boast about  themselves a lot.

This is similar to Alpa vidyaa mahagarvi which means Less education but too shrewd. Here vidyaa can be taken as knowledge than education. As we know in olden days Education does not meant Science, Arts and commerce. They had to study more forms of Education which had more emphasis on Moral values and Language besides other things.

The above subhaashita applies to even todays world. If we look at people around us the more knowledgeable, those who are in high positions, those who have proved themselves to be most popular are the humblest human beings like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.Rajkumar(Kannada film artist), Amitabh bhachchan, Kiran Bedi and Abdul Kalam. You name any famous personality he would be having the above mentioned virtues.


4 comments on “Subhaashita

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  2. Bindu says:

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  3. venkat iyer says:

    Very nice words from Sanskrit. I remembered 50% of the phrase which I had studied in 8th standard many decades ago. Good to see written in english words with meaning. Also it is very easy to search in google. thank you for putting it online


  4. Bindu says:

    Thank you Venkat,

    will write more of them 🙂


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