Death Rehearsal

This are few lines from Amitabh Bachchan’s blog, just liked it, and thought of sharing

My Father wrote a piece, of a short blank verse poem, on Death and Sleep –

It is titled ‘Rehearsal’ and goes as follows –


Marne ka rehearsal hai

Jo insaan har din karta hai,

Par maut ke stage par aate

Darta hai ~

Sleep is the rehearsal of death, that mankind indulges in every day. Yet fears to come on the stage of death.

We practice and rehearse death in a sense, everyday when we go off to sleep. Yet are scared to appear on the stage of death.

Worth thinking !! Would it not be wonderful to rehearse this everyday but have the strength to come on the stage and deliver when asked. So what I would write in sleep induced state would it not reflect a sample of my ‘rehearsals’. And would that not in a sense give us a window on what actually transpires when our souls leave us – a question that has been in the minds of the human race ever since its evolution. What really happens to us when we are gone. Where actually do we go ? Where are these gates of Heaven and Hell ? Is there truly this great big man with a white beard that welcomes us ?

Hmmm … ! Better to let this remain with the sleep induced rehearsals and not go further. Better to not appear on that ’stage’. Better … For none of us will ever get to know what it is. And none of us is ever going to come back and recount it for us !

Amitabh Bachchan ..




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