New Supermarket

Staying in a new residential area I have come across different strategies adopted by new super markets and other shops which open up.

First we had ‘More super market’ opening near the bus stop. It had few attractive offers as a part of opening day. Lot of items were available at huge discounts and also lots of prizes were there amounts of different range.

For any bill above 500 plastic food containers, for amount exceeding 1000/- big sized jars, for amount exceeding 2000/- one Nirlon cook ware worth 500/-.

We did get lot of gift items on that day. Also they had all the gift items, one or two were not there, but were given on next day.

Then we had the Heritage super market coming up near by. This guys main attraction was a Slide for kids. This big Air filled slide was put in front of the shop and that was the main attraction for kids, so the parents who accompanied did enter the shop and bought few items.

For many vegetables they had the offer buy 1kg and get 1kg free. The counters were getting over crowded, and it took so much time for my turn to come, I decided to leave everything and get out. But thankfully my husband was standing in another queue and his turn came, so we bought the things which we had piled up. Most of the people left without buying the things because of the frustration of standing in such long queue.

Also when they told 1kg free for 1kg, unless a person bought 2 kg, they would charge the actual amount for person who bought 1.5kg!

Also most of the items prize for eg Pomegranate prize was different in their machine than what was advertised. It was almost four times of what was displayed in pamphlet!

for hippo chips they said, if you buy 2, 4/- off. and when we chose 2 Hippo packets of different flavor they told its only if you buy of the same flavor.

When you are standing in long queue for such long time, and when your turn comes you have all these discussions, arguments, clarifications with the cashier its just disgusting.

Also More started announcing in mic similar offers. Buy 1kg get 1kg free!!

So finally what did Heritage achieve? It could not manage the crowd on day 1. who ever bought vegetables bought in huge quantity, hence they wont turn up again for next one week atleast. All those who left the items chosen unable to wait , will probably dont come again. Those who had arguements regarding price etc, and bitter experience would not visit again.

I really feel they need to look at all these aspects.

Another problem with all these super markets is the employees cannot speak any language other than Telugu. I am sure Hyderabad must be having huge number of educated girls and boys who know both English and telugu, why not recruit them??


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