Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad

If you are in Hyderabad and have not visited Sudha car Museum, then definitely you missed looking at the effect of Creativity at its best.

Here we can see lots of models of cars which are in working conditions. From Computer, Dining Table to Shivaling you will find varieties of designs. Its a treat to eyes.

The only drawback is you cant sit in them, not even for a photo!!

Not only the new models which are the imaginations of Mr.Sudhakar taking the real forms, but also old models.

The place motivates us to do something new, whether others like or not, we should keep trying to make out dreams come true.

we work with passion towards what ever our heart beats for, I am sure we will reach success. This is the message the Sudha car museum conveys.

I will upload the photos taken there soon. Till then you can watch their website.

Location is : Bhadurpur, Very near to Nehru zoological gardens, Hyderabad.

Distance : around 25km from HiTech City.

Contact Number:  +91 40 24463376, 24463257, 24460304. Mobile : +91 93919 05413

Website :

Keep exploring the world around you…


2 comments on “Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad

  1. rajakvk says:

    We visited Sudha cars as part of “city tour” organised by Adhrapradesh tourism corporation. When we saw sudha cars among historical places, we almost shocked. Though we can see lot of modified old cars, AP tourism ticket is not included for this site. So they force us to buy ticket ourselves.

    All cars are in different shapes. Sorry, in my humble opinion, this place is not great for what we are paying as entry ticket.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. Bindu says:

    Well, I have not listed it in the top ten must see places in Hyderabad. But if you are in Hyderabad, visiting zoo, or have love for cars, its good. This is a motivation to budding engineers too. Kids would love all the models. It would be great if they put at least few models for test drive. My nephew and my daughter enjoyed the visit. We liked it too.


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