Neighbor’s TV Volume

ImageIt is three years since we came to Hyderabad, and one thing I have understood is Telugu people have more passion for movies than Kannadigas. One of my neighbor would regularly watch movies in theatre even though she had a small daughter of the same age as of my daughter. Me on the other hand never went to Theatre to watch movie after Anagha’s birth, almost until she was four years old. I always thought it would be difficult to manage her in the theater or three hours. But this neighbor of mine told, her daughter also likes watching movies, else she will sleep. Anyway I did not have any trouble with Telugu people’s addiction to movies until we moved to first floor in our apartment. We were staying in second floor during first year of our stay in Hyderabad, and the house above ours was not yet occupied. So we never had any disturbance from the flat above. But when we moved to first floor, we started hearing lot of noises during night, from the house above. It sounded like moving the furniture, sometimes things falling down. We always wondered why they make so much noise. We could even hear the sound of opening and closing of wardrobe doors! We always wondered when we stayed in second floor, were they hearing the same amount of noise from our house.

But later we found that they started watching movies every Saturday night, with full volume. This was kind of ritual for them. One Saturday I found it too disturbing, my daughter was not well, and could not sleep because of the noise. Also like most of the Telugu movies, this had lot of Fighting, songs, loud dialogues. We could hear all that. I thought, its 10pm, lets wait, may be it will end. No it did not. 11pm, 12 midnight, the movie continued. We could not tolerate it longer, went to out to check if the sound is definitely from the house above ours or others, after feeling it is from the house above, my husband went and knocked the door, nobody opened. I asked him to press the calling bell. He said, no, their little son might be sleeping, why should we disturb!!

Fine, what do we do now? I asked do you have his phone number? He said yes, ok call him and tell. Then he called him and asked him to reduce the volume. He felt very sorry, and I think he switched off the TV or DVD what ever. After that we never heard the movie sound in the night. Either he missed it because of us, or might have shifted to headphones.

Now they relocated to other city, and we have a new neighbor staying in the house above. We have not yet met them yet. And one day suddenly at midnight, I started hearing TV sound. Sounded like a movie with ghosts or Rakshas of old movie types. The Rakshas would laugh quite often. I thought what kind of movie is this? I could not understand the language either. I waited for half an hour or so, then I got up. I thought of waking up my husband, then I thought, forget it, let me go and talk to them. I opened the door of our bedroom, and found that our TV is ON!!

The program was comedy circus in sony tv. And the laughter I heard was that of Archana!!

I thought how could this happen? Was my husband watching TV and slept without switching it off? No, the lights are off. Then I realized our TV was not working from evening, we tried pressing its power on button so many times, and left it. And suddenly it had become ON. I switched off the TV immediately, and thought how much the sound might have disturbed others!!!


4 comments on “Neighbor’s TV Volume

  1. sankrish says:

    Funny…Sometimes i feel the same way! My in-laws who stay in H’bad are also movie addicts and my sis in law has a son who is same age as mine. They regularly go to the theaters and now the little can quote dialogues and even identify movies from listening to songs. But we on the other hand in Bangalore haven’t taken him to a single movie or seen one ourselves in a theater since the time he was born!


  2. Bindu says:

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience.


  3. kmtan says:

    Ha Ha… good post…we had a similar neighbor in bangalore. We could clearly hear the wife telling the husband “Go get your bloddy coffee”, it seems they were fighting which was regular like movie watching ritual 🙂

    Your blog template is good!!


  4. Bindu says:

    Thank you.


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