NUMAISH is a consumer products exhibition held in Nampally, Hyderabad every year. This held during the months of Jan – February every year. Its usually for 46 days. The exhibition offers you wide range of products like Jewellery, Dress Materials, Indian traditional clothing, carpets, curtains, Kitchenware, Electronic appliances, Herbal medicines and what not. You think of an item and it is available at Numaish.

You need not worry about food as the exhibition has wide range of food stalls which would satisfy every palate. South Indian, North Indian, chat items, Ice creams, everything is there.

Kids and elders can enjoy the Toy train ride in the exhibition. This service starts at 5pm. It is better to go for this ride as it will take you around the exhibition. This way you can know what all stalls are there, and how much you have to walk if you want to cover all the stalls.

As the exhibition starts at 4pm and will open till 9.30pm. And I would advice you to plan properly and visit those shops which are very unique like the Kashmiri hand-loom, Jaipur bangles etc, which you would not get outside in regular shops. Because if you spend more time in buying regular items, you may not find time to visit this explicit shops and thus you would miss the advantage of visiting this Exhibition.

It will be a good idea to only glance through all shops quickly on the first visit and make list of ‘MUST VISIT STALLS’ and go them directly in your next visit. This is because the exhibition opens at 4pm and you cannot cover all the shops in one day’s visit.

There are a lot of sweet stalls and small vendors even at the entrance of the exhibition, you can have a look at these things once you come out of exhibition.

Some of the items I bought at this exhibition are

Jute mat to keep hot items on dining table –

Jaipur bangles – Price ranges from Rupees 40 per set to 100 per set

bangles with stone work – Rs 320

Whether you want to do shopping or not, visit this exhibition once as it is a  treat to the eyes.

If you are going with small kids, please do hold their hands always, as the place is quite crowded.

You can have look at the video I did while riding the Toy Train here at this link


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