Sakkare Bylu (Elephant Camp) Shimoga

Sakkare bylu is a place situated in Shimoga District, Karnataka State which is in India.

Most part of Shimoga originally known as Shivamogga is covered by Forest area. Thus there is plenty of Greenery and wild life. Also the river Tunga flows elegantly through out the year. As such Shimoga has lots of Tourist spots but here I tell you about less known ‘Elephant camp’. The place is called Sakkare bylu. In the local language Kannada, Sakkare means Sugar. I believe there were Sugarcane fields nearby, and elephants came to eat them regularly, may be that is why they still come there today, and place is named ‘elephant camp’.

If you would like to visit Elephants you should be there by 8A.M and before 10a.m. The bathing process goes on from 8am till 10am. Then the elephants are fed breakfast. Their foreheads are smeared with Oil to keep them cool during summer. They were given Dry coconut, Banana and Hay as breakfast. You can also go for Boat ride in Tunga river.

I heard there will be elephant ride too, but on the day we went it was not available.

On the way back we visited Gajanur Dam, where a dam is constructed to Tunga river and water is used for agricultural purpose. There we played in the clean and cold water.

Here are some of the photos from our visit to Sakkare bylu.


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