Only washing No soaking

SOAK NO MORE, what a topic. From past few months this is the discussion I will have with housemaid.

Until KV started working as housemaid in our house I always kept the clothes in two baskets, one for the housemaid

and one for the washing machine. And it was our work to soak and put in washing machine. And often we would forget

to soak the clothes, so we will not put them in washing machine and it would pile up. When I say we, it refers to myself

and my husband. Both of us spend lot time in front of pc and still feel after becoming parents we are not finding time to

browse!! So forget about soaking clothes and putting them in washing machine. So finally when the clothes exceed the

capacity of the basket, and we start feeling I do not have anything proper to wear, that has gone for wash, this is not

there, then we feel it is emergency, and we put all clothes to washing machine without soaking. And as this has

continued for many years, our clothes are much dull compared to the clothes of my brother or mother, whom we often

visit or who visit us. When I see my brother’s baniyan and my husband banian next to each other on the string,

everybody can easily make out, which one is my brother’s and which is my husband’s!!

It is not that my brother is very active or hard working than us, the reason is he has mother with him :-), he has

maadevamma ( the maid from 20 years) soaking and washing his clothes regularly, mere paas kyaa hai? washing

machine hai!!!

‘unke paas washing machine nahi hai’ ( they do not have washing machine)

Then thanks to KV, the new maid to our house, she is more like a family friend than just a maid. The reason can be

she is watchman’s wife thus she is neighbour, employee of our apartment and my housemaid. So she would start

washing the clothes herself, after looking at them in basket for few days. Then I told her, its ok KV, you soak them, I

will put in washing machine. So she would soak it, and next day she would come and see it is still in bucket, then she

would put in washing machine. Next day she would come and see clothes are in washing machine, she would take

them out and put for drying.

Now everyday she teaches me, you should not soak for so many hours, it will smell, dont leave in washing machine for

so many hours, it will smell badly!! I know, I know, but I hardly get any time out of these contests, cooking and my

daughter, where is the time to remember I have to put clothes to washing machine!!!

Now it is really great news indeed!!, No soaking and only washing. That means, KV can directly put the clothes once

she comes to work, by the time she completes her other work like washing utensils, and mopping floor, the washing

machine would have washed the clothes, so she can put them for drying before she leaves!! No dull color, no smell, no

more lessons from KV!! Now I need not be afraid of maid, who would ask me everyday, you forgot to put it in washing



3 comments on “Only washing No soaking

  1. nice post 🙂 all the best!!

    have a look at this one when you get time 🙂


  2. Bindu says:

    When are the results coming?


  3. Denny says:

    They hire professional system administrators who in turn release policies on how long and complex employee’s passwords must be, and set requirements on regularly changing those long and complex passwords.


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