Capgemini supertechies show

Few months back Capgemini in partnership with the Timesgroup had rolled out an ad for its forthcoming show entitled ‘Capgemini Supertechies Show’.

Thousands of Enthusiastic Technology savy intellectuals with the Business acumen registered for the show. Out of that 9000 registrations were accepted and called for the first round of competition in selected cities.

I am happy to tell you that I along with my husband registered for the show, and got selected to the first round. From there we made it to the Top 21 Teams which were selected for Finals.

Every Team had two members. Each 3 teams were assigned to one company. There were 7 companies which were part of this competition. The Top seniors of the company provided the business challenge they are facing. And we were given one week to present the solution. During this one week we got some guidance by a Mentor from Capgemini.

Please watch the show and let us discuss your views on our solutions, other team’s solutions and the best  solution you would have given.

Here is the link


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