The Visa Balaji – Chilkur Balaji Temple

Finally we saw the Visa Balaji – Chilkur Balaji temple – The Visa Balaji


Chilkur is a small village situated at a distance of 30 kilometers from Hyderabad city. I had heard a lot about it but had not visited the same. I often postpone visiting places as I reserve it for vacation so that both my mother and my nephew will be here and we can visit places along with them. But this time we had to hurry. The reason was my husband had to submit his Visa documents in three days. He has been working on it for months and still not able to complete the same, how can he do that in three days. But his manager asked him to hurry up. So there was no other way, than to take the help of Visa Balaji!

Yes, believe it or not, this Lord Venkateshwara at Chilkur Balaji temple is popularly known as Visa Balaji. All those aspiring to go abroad come here and take his blessings. During the first visit, they will offer 11 Rounds of Pradakshina ( Going around the God or the Temple for 11 times) . Then once their wish is fulfilled they have to come back and offer 108 rounds of PradakshiNa. If you are too lazy to offer the Pradakshina, and if you plan to offer only Dakshina the so called donation to temple in monetary form, this God will not accept.

Yes, the beauty of this place is

ü     it does not have Hundi, the box where devotees offer cash to God.

ü     Also it does not have separate queue system. All should go in only one line.

ü     When we do pradakshina, the Purohits stand their and they keep singing and make devotees sing.

So, coming back to our story, when my husband suddenly came and told me tomorrow we are going to Chilkur Balaji temple, I thought why tomorrow, how can Anagha (my small daughter) get up early? Why early? Why cannot we go afternoon?

He said, ‘No, I heard there will huge rush of devotees, if we can reach their by 7am, then it is ok, afterwards there will be huge crowd’. I said, ok, let us leave at 6.30 then.

We booked the taxi at 6.30 a.m, and it was 7.a.m by the time we left. I was just praying that, let there be not too much crowd, otherwise my husband would scold me for not leaving early!

But to our surprise there was not much vehicle movement in road. So our family friend Mr.Vasant, who accompanied us told, there might not be much crowd today as it is Ganesh Visarjan in Hyderabad. Otherwise by now, we should have come across lot of vehicles. So by God’s grace there was not much crowd when we reached temple. We took Coconut and flower to offer to the God. Mr.Vasant told, they will not accept anything. But the shopkeeper insisted. He told us, we will be allowed to Garbhagudi, the inside shrine where God’s Pooja takes place if we have that Tulasi garland!. We did not believe him, but still took the Tulasi leaves garland, coconut and flower garland. There was no queue at all and we reached the inside of temple very easily. But there were hundreds of people doing the Pradakshina. If on a un-croweded day there are so many people doing Pradakshina, you can imagine what will be the plight on other days, peak days and during afternoon hours.

We got to see the god from outside the shrine, not the inner shrine as told by flower shop keeper!. But Darshan was good. Here also they would ask us to move, but still we could fill our eyes with God’s beauty for atleast 30-40 seconds, as against Tirupati, where you get a glimpse only for fraction of second. After the Darshan and offering flowers, which were kept in the Tray there, we made 11 Pradakshina to God. Even my daughter happily joined us in the Pradakshina. Then we sat in the temple premises for a while as is the custom we follow. Then we had the darshan of Lord Shiva in the same temple.

It is said, in this temple you should not close your eyes in front of Shiva!


Then we had our breakfast at Harita restaurant, run by APTDC.  Did some shopping and returned home.

On the way back we stopped at Gandipet Dam and enjoyed the beauty of Water, then stopped at Durgam Cheruvu to get a glimpse of Biggest Ganesha Idol. Returned home before noon happily delighted and blessed!


4 comments on “The Visa Balaji – Chilkur Balaji Temple

  1. darshan3008 says:

    Wonderful.. Liked the way it was narrated. 🙂 waiting to see the pics and hear good news from VISA Bhavaji..:)


  2. Bindu says:

    Thank you Darshan,

    I have uploaded the photos in FB.


  3. Bhavani sri says:

    thank you very much nice


  4. VT says:

    I was trying US visa for last three years one or other reason it was not successful..finally one of my friend told me to visit Balaji temple@chilakalur , after visiting temple I got my visa approved for me and family.


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