Balapur Ganesh

I often come across interesting news items in ‘The Hindu’ and feel like sharing with you. Because not all of you subscribe to ‘The Hindu’ and not all editions carry all the local news!

So the latest one I wondered at was about “Balapur Ganesh’ . It is not the Ganesh that makes news, but the Laddu he holds in his hand! Way back in 1994, the person who bought this Laddu got good fortune, and since then it has become a ritual to auction the Laddu and people buy the Laddu by bidding higher prices. And it is believed the Laddu brings them luck.

If the tradition continues from 1994 till date and the bidding price for the Laddu has almost reached amounts ranging to 5 lakhs, then you can imagine how much of fortune that Laddu must be bringing.

Know more about Balapur Ganesh and his Laddu at


3 comments on “Balapur Ganesh

  1. priyanka sharma says:

    its really surprising bindu !!


  2. Bindu says:

    Yes Priyanka, even I was surprised, and thought of sharing with more people. Thanks for reading my blog.


  3. K.kotesh says:

    I am very happy


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