Silver Oaks – Consolidated reviews from Parent tree

This was posted On December 10th, 2012.


Nov 20, 2010 8:29 PM  By  nitup

This school might be a good school. But they need to change their counselor. She doesn’t know how to do business. She doesn’t know the slightest etiquette even. I asked her how many kids are there in a class? And she said it’s non of your business. Then I said thank u and came back from there. I will never ever go back there. When they cann’t respect us how can they respect our kids.

Jan 18, 2011 3:51 PM  By  EeshuChinni
  1. This school is not concentrating on Basics which is very much required for any child. They have no text books also.
    I don’t think this school is a good school for children of all ages


3 August 2012      Hi all,

I would like to share my experience with Silver oaks. My Daughter studied from LKG to 4th Class ( close to six years) I paid only 10000 as donation in 2006. Currently it went up to 1 lack, all most ten folds of increase.

Following are my ratings compared to other school around Miyapur

Infrastructure — 7/10
Education standards —8/10 ( Very good for lower classes)
Education standards — 6/10 ( Not good from 5th grade)
Teaching staff — 7/10
Admin staff — 3/10 (Bunch of idiots)
Management attitude towards education— 4/10 (commercial)



May 10, 2010 12:08 PM  By  ramakdl

Silver Oaks School bachupally is THE school i was looking for.The excellent Principal Mrs Sita murthy has trained her staff extremely well .She focuses on overall development in a child with a loving attitute towards a child ,since my son is in class PP1 ,children at that age need the love more than harsh method.She manages to make children Happy Learners who look forward to going to school everyday.

I am extremely happy with the administrators especially Mr Dhanunjaya who is very dynamic and full of energy and takes intrest in every child to excel, with a fatherly touch.All children like him very much.

I think Silver Oaks school is the No 1 school in Hyderabad!


5 Hi,

I went to silver oaks on saturday for my daughter.this is for  LKG admission.As it is well established school(at least in parents mind),they are in hurry to make money.There is no advisor available,only apllication vendors are there.If you ask about fee structure and academic details,they are giving in short answers.more over asking to go through their site.only they will tell you fee structure.the fee also increased drsstically compared to last year(more than 30%).If you do not buy the apllication,they will give you rude look on you.For LKG ,the fee structure as follow.


Term fees:12k*



annual fee:9k

books+exam fee+uniform–10K(This is my guess)

outings+picnix etc—5k(this is als guess)

If you dont have any problems in spending money on education,then you can think of.what i have mentioned above is for LKG.

my opinion :

1) Quality of education– no idea

2) Teachers & Management–in one of the reviews,some people mentioning different opinoins.if the application vendors are teachers,my vote is negative

3) Infrastructure–too good

4) Extra Curricular Activities–might be good

5) Transportation–mentioned

6) Fee Structure–mentioned




Dec 20, 2010 6:17 PM

Hi,I went to silver oaks on saturday for my daughter.this is for  LKG admission.As it is well established school(at least in parents mind),they are in hurry to make money.There is no advisor available,only apllication vendors are there.If you ask about fee structure and academic details,they are giving in short answers.more over asking to go through their site.only they will tell you fee structure.the fee also increased drsstically compared to last year(more than 30%).If you do not buy the apllication,they will give you rude look on you.For LKG ,the fee structure as follow.


Term fees:12k*3–in the earliser reply,forgot to mention ‘3’



annual fee:9k

books+exam fee+uniform–10K(This is my guess)

outings+picnix etc—5k(this is als guess)

If you dont have any problems in spending money on education,then you can think of.what i have mentioned above is for LKG.




Dec 28, 2010 6:33 PM

I like it! 

Vikas is much closer to highway than Kennedy or Silver Oaks may be after Sentia. My cousin’s kid goes here for LKG. He has been happy. I am sure Acaademics will be good at Vikas nto sure how good are extra curriculars. For now i choose Silver Oaks. i am sure there will be seats at other schools (Kenndy or Sentia) even in Febrarury. last year they had seats in April too. Silver oaks has Dec 31 dead line for phase 1 that is why i put in app there now and seems to be higher demand of all schools on that road.Srini


2.) Silveoaks: 10 year old school follow IB-PYP till class 6 and then CBSE, Fee comparatively lesser than DPS but after Admission year to year cost will be more or less same. Good feedback from parents



57 comments on “Silver Oaks – Consolidated reviews from Parent tree

  1. Jack says:

    My daughter studies at Silver Oaks. I find the school good in a few aspects. They focus on overall development of the child. However the standard of some of their teachers is debatable.


  2. Kumar Archit says:

    Hi Readers,
    This is Kumar Archit and I am surprised to see the feedback from the other parents on Silver Oaks School. They might have experienced some not-so-good interactions, however I would like to share my own experience. I have seen and experienced four major schools in Noida, Faridabad (Delhi region) and Hyderbad while my kids studied there.

    I found SIlver Oaks is the only school imparting value based education. Silver Oaks is an IB school and it is not easy to understand teaching methodology in an IB school for anyone coming from a conventional method of teaching.

    Silver Oaks does not believe in any donation, frills, extra fees on any of the occasions which is a practice with most of the schools. They even do not ask parents to buy stationery for the kids since it is being provided at the school with no additional cost. This school is truly shaping the future of a child. To share an example, the school is implementing 7 habits of highly effective people right from the beginning. Hats off to the leadership school. You may reach me on or 9899199569.


  3. Bindu says:

    Hi Kumar thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    When I wrote this post, I was still researching about schools, Now that I have joined my daughter in Silver Oaks, I totally agree with you.

    As you rightly said, the IB pattern might not be easy to understand for some of the parents. While helping my 1st standard daughter in doing her home tasks I often wonder how many mothers would be able to help them out with this!!

    So definitely Silver Oaks is the best choice for an Educated, Non conservative, open minded parent. This is not the right choice if you are a parent who wants your child to go for IIT, and want him to prepare for it from now itself.

    I will write a detailed post about my views on Silver oaks soon.



  4. Gouri says:

    I too had a chance to visit the school for my son’s admission recently. I noticed a positive and cheerful culture across the campus.School follows student centric methodology which is helping the students to develop knowledge and life skills.I saw students enjoying their learning in the classroom.Campus has lot of greenery with many facilities like swimming, skating, tennis, cricket, etc.,


  5. Bindu says:

    Hi Gouri,

    Thats a good observation you have made. Where is your son studying now? For which class you are planning for admission?



  6. siva says:

    Hi Bindu,

    I am planning an admission for my daughter in pp1 in silver oaks,could you brief me with fee details .



  7. Bindu says:

    Hi Siva,

    Have forwarded you a mail about admissions announcement.

    I do not know about PP1, last year the fee structure for Grade 1 was like this

    admission – 50k non refundable
    caution deposit – 10k (refundable while leaving school)
    Tution fee – 14500 X 3
    annual fee – 8500
    transportation – 3800 X 3 ( differs depending on distance)
    books and uniform – 5k approximate

    Hope this helps.
    You can call them and have an interaction as the admission process is going on.



  8. Latha says:

    hi Bindu,

    I am planning to send my kid to Silver oaks for PP2, Could you please suggest me if its the right choice.


  9. Bindu says:

    Hi Latha,

    I do not know about PP2.

    I put my daughter in Silver oaks for Grade1 only this year. Whether it is a right choice or not depends on the expectations of the parent. So if you can tell me what do you look forward to in the school, and discuss with few parents then you can make the right choice. 🙂


  10. Gouri says:

    Hi Bindu,
    Currently my son is studying PP II at Springboard. As Silver oaks opened admissions for grade 1 right now i have taken application for him.


  11. sridevi says:

    I wish to put my son in grade 3. My only concern after reading all the reviews is there is no fear of pollution around. Can anyone please tell me the details regarding this issue. Otherwise the school is one of the top ones in the city.


  12. sridhar says:

    please let me know which school is best among Kennedy high global and Silver oaks school? I am looking for admission for my daughter into Grade-1( CBSE) for next academic year (2014-15)


  13. loka says:

    Can you pls suggest which school is better choice. Kennedy High Global OR Silver oaks….. In Kennedy High (CBSE) how is teaching methodology?


  14. Bindu says:

    I do not know about teaching methodology in Kennedy hence its difficult to tell which school is best.


  15. Swathi Kota says:

    Hello Bindu!

    I took admission of my kid into grade 1 for the academic year (2014-15). I read a bunch of reviews about this school definitely more positive than negative. Thats one of the reason I decided to put my kid here. I took some real times reviews who don’t know me at all, standing at the bus stops and checking with their parents by chatting for a while about the school, methodology, then about the way they respond to parents and all. I got very good reviews about this school. I too have some good reviews from parents I personally know who send their children here. After all this, still I feel a little tensed and nervous how my child’s journey would be in this school. So in this process I got to go through your blog and felt you might have some reviews by yourself as your comments tell that you admitted your kid in the last academic year into grade 1.

    So how was your journey with your kid in this school? plz let me know in detail of anything we should take care as a parent .Some tips too, to make kids get adjusted here easily.
    Anything we should take care about transportation, food, etc ?

    How friendly are teachers? Did you ever feel like the child is under pressure regarding academics? How friendly is the grading system?
    Sports- What do you think? Are they really making children guiding the way they should or its just for namesake?

    I know, you might be thinking as I already took the admission, so why should I think this much. This is just to prepare myself and my kid mentally to the school a little ahead which I seriously feel will help a lot my kid to adjust a little early.

    If you have time please write reply in detail for my queries as they are very important for me,

    A ton thanks in advance!

    Swathi Kota


  16. Bindu says:

    Hi Swathi,

    Let me congratulate you on your decision to put your kid in Silver oaks. The school is really good for parents like me and you.

    Our journey in Silver oaks has been good so far and I am sure it will be better in future as we are more familiar with the functioning of the school now.

    Good that you want to know things to take care of. I really had bad time on day 1 as I was not aware how many snack box to send on day one. We sent the kid in school bus on Day one as we had to attend parents induction program on same day. So we sent her in bus at 7.30am then we got ready and went to school at 9am. That day evening I came to know that my daughter didn’t knew where to go after getting down from the bus, but her friend from same bus helped her in finding her section and then ensured that she reached her classroom! and that friend is in 3rd standard.

    Negative part of this incident is we were not informed of section, there were nobody to take care of new students getting down from the bus. But positive part is, every student of Silver oaks is ready to help others. So they never feel lost in the school.

    So if classes begin for your kid before you attend induction program, try to know the section name, and visit the school and see where is that class room and show the same to your kid.
    On day one you can drop her/him to class room talk to teacher.
    you need to give all the books except home stationery to school. They will send the books home as and when kids need to use them at home. If you put the bind and submit the books on day one it will be better for the kid. Else he/she has to write that day’s notes in rough sheet.
    send one box for breakfast, one for lunch and one snack to eat in school and one snack to eat in school bus, if the kid goes by school bus.
    No academic pressure at all. Initially I felt it was good, now I feel my daughter behaves like all play no work 🙂
    But don’t worry they learn everything playfully.
    Grades are given as Evident and Emerging, In the final report they get translated to A, B etc.
    As I have not checked the report of others, I really do not know whether all kids got A or there are kids with other grades.
    The school strictly follows no comparing kids, no competition among kids. The kid has to compete with himself to improve his/her grades.
    There will be spell bee, maths competitions every now and then.
    Those who win will be happy, those who don’t will not even know they did not.
    So kids are never under pressure, all care is taken to bring out the inner talent in them.
    Sports is good. Even though initially they missed many skating and swimming classes, then they did have regular classes.
    You need not buy skates, will be provided in school.
    If they have swimming in second half you need to buy swimming suit.

    Hope that clears all your doubts.

    You can shoot more if you have. It would be my pleasure to answer them. And each one of us are different, and our expectations are different. So please do not take any of my comment as final. Just sharing my thoughts and my experiences.

    And its high time we stop worrying too much. Relax, let your kid enjoy the school. Lets help them to become independent.

    Happy Holi.



  17. Swathi Kota says:

    Hello Bindu,

    Thanks for taking time and writing in a lot of things I need to take care of. And yes I will take care of all these things before joining.

    Yes I do have a few more questions like:

    –> Do they take, this small children out for excursions and all? If Yes, do they charge extra for trip expenses?
    –> Is it mandatory to eat breakfast in bus or children can finish it off at home and then get into bus?
    –> Any food restrictions like only fruits in snack boxes and all?

    –> How about homeworks? Exams? I got to know that there wont be any exams as such but they do have some sudden tests even for this small kids. Is it true??

    –> In previous comments I read a few parents who are concerned about IB pattern. Can you explain me what it is exactly? This is one of those things which they tried to explain me but I couldn’t understand much. I was all thinking its a regular CBSE school but they were saying they follow CBSE but in IB way or something similar to this, which I couldn’t catch their point.

    P.S: Definitely we are not among those parents who stress kids into IITs.
    We prefer stress free & happy education. 🙂

    And yes, thanks and belated holi wishes to you and your family too! 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,

    Swathi Kota


  18. Bindu says:

    Hi Swati,

    Bus snack is purely optional.
    chocolates are not allowed as snack item.
    They did take them on field trip, they did not charge anything extra.
    During annual day program you need to pay for the dress.
    I think upto 4th standard they have IB pattern, then CBSE.
    They will always have assessments, weekly assessment, formal assessment etc. Dont worry about them. They will answer what ever they know. We get the file on week ends, we will know where they need to improve.
    I am just one year senior to you 🙂
    Lets hope for the best.


  19. Swathi Kota says:

    Thanks a lot bindu!
    Was on vacation so couldnt reply for your message.
    Got much info. You were really helpful. Right now am just hoping to see my kid enjoy the school in coming days.

    Will keep posting the updates or anything I would like to share. 🙂

    Swathi Kota


  20. Bindu says:

    Hi Swathi,

    Hows your experience so far with Silver oaks?


  21. JR says:

    Silver Oaks – My son is studying in Silver oaks from past 3 years. I felt this is best school till 5th grade.


  22. Swathi Kota says:

    Hello Bindu,

    Very happy with my decision. My kid is doing well and got adjusted in his class. First couple of weeks he found his teacher to be very strict and angry lady always, with this I was a little worried. But he realized his teacher was the best until she was sick one day and couldn’t come to class and he was missing her badly. From next day onwards I didn’t hear any sort of complaints from him. Homeworks I feel are a little more than I expected but its fine as he is not complaining till now.

    School staff were very cooperative and friendly. They are highly organized.
    What I felt is, this is the advantage of putting your child in a reputed and well established school. They have lots of experience regarding every single thing. I am not a parent who shout at school management or teachers for the silliest of issues. so I felt the school is so far so good.

    The only part I was disappointed was with the class room where my kid was sitting. Its low in light, where there is a very minimum amount of fresh air coming in and apart from that, the class was small and the children were 26. Less space to move, work, eat!!
    It would have been better if the class room was good with a little more space, light and air coming in freely. Hoping to see the classrooms getting renovated in near future. Anyways, I should have checked it before which I didn’t. so now I cant go and complaint. 🙂 But for me education is very important than the high funda posh infrastructure as being provided with others schools in dat bachupally stretch like Oakridge or Ambitus or Kennedy High.

    Many more reviews to come! 🙂

    Howz ur daughter doing in her second grade?
    Hoping she is enjoying her new class, teacher and books!

    Keep posting ur reviews be it issues or good and pleasant experiences. 🙂

    Swathi Kota


  23. Bindu says:

    Thanks for sharing Swathi. I think some construction work is going on and may be after that is complete your child might get good spacious rooms. You can definitely discuss these things with the school.


  24. haseena says:

    8 Class fee how much in silver oak school


  25. madhavi says:

    Hi Bindu,
    I want to join my daughter in silver oaks for grade1(2015-2016)
    can u give me fee structure for current year….
    any suggestions and experience regarding school


  26. Bindu says:

    Hi Madhavi,

    I have no idea about the fee structure of next academic year. They have started issuing the application form, you can personally go and know about the same in detail.
    Last year the admission fee was 50k and Tution fee was around 60k per annum. Transportation, Uniform, and books fee additional.
    I think I have already explained in this post about my experiences. The expectation of every parent differs. So I suggest you to visit the school, meet the staff and then come to a decision.
    Any concern in particular you can feel free to ask me.
    Where did your child study before?


  27. Kavitha says:

    Hi Bindu,
    Your site has really very useful information.I would like to know your opinion of Silver Oaks for higher classes ie.above 6th.Do they have good teaching staff,labs etc?Would appreciate your inputs on these.


  28. Bindu says:

    Hi Kavitha,

    thanks for the compliments.My daughter is in Grade 2 Hence I am not the right person to give feedback on higher classes.

    Please check out the reviews on Parent tree also.

    I was looking for overall development of the child rather than only academics. Hence I found considering the distance from house and other things, Silver oaks was right choice for me.


  29. Ajay Valavala says:

    Surprise they don’t have food/ canteen facility?


  30. Bindu says:

    They do have a bakery. But no food or canteen facility yet.


  31. shwetha says:

    Hi Bindu , My son is 2.5 years old now and I m planning to join him in nursery in silver oaks, before I would like to know the feed back.. 1. Am I joining my son too early in this big school? 2. Is the culture in school is high-fi?? 3. And the last thing I m really very new to CBSE syllabus as I came from SSC syllabus, if I join him in CBSE syllabus what would be his future? for sure I m not expecting him in IIT 🙂 but just wanted to know what are the other ways ..

    – Shwetha


  32. Swathi says:

    Hello Bindu !

    How have you been? Was not feeling well, so couldn’t spend much time on computer.

    My son is very happy going school, Happy with my decision ! 🙂

    Hello Shwetha,

    Joining your kid early is always a good option as , when children grow up idle like till 3 years, without going to school sitting at home and watching tv or playing around, they tend to develop futile thoughts and also their grasping and concentration levels come down to some extent, its always good to keep your kids occupied in some meaningful activities. So for this, school is the best option.

    1 .Coming to choosing a big school or small school, I always advice go for a school where you don’t have to think of changing the school again in a couple of years. If you think your child can travel in bus for an average time of 20-30 mins at this small age and stay in school till 3 or 4 in the evening then i suggest go for big schools where you would like to see him even after 6 years. Changing schools will effect them emotionally. I have experienced this personally with my kid last year, when I changed him from a small school near my house to Silver oaks, He was not ready to accept the sudden change in teachers, friends, environment and rules. It took him some time to accept the change. I regret my decision that I took a couple of years ago before putting him in a small school near my house,

    2. Silver oaks culture is not hi-fi nor the parents belong to a very rich class. Children are very grounded and well disciplined when compared to kids from other school like Oakridge or Kennedy high. They behave very responsibly when it comes to taking care of small children if they find they need some help. I experienced this personally.

    3. Silver oaks follow CBSE with IB pattern teaching, They don’t have exams till class 4, So the children have lesser pressure over exams, They do have some formative and summative tests which are instantaneous. we don’t need to make them read a day before or prepare them for exams as we used to read in our childhood. My kid is now in Grade 1. He finds home tasks easy and finishes them off with ease. There was never a single day till now from June 2014 that he felt tensed for exams or burden of home works. He is happy and so I am. I never made him sit for hours together to teach. Teachers most of the time do their part so well that we hardly get a chance to make them sit and teach. SSC is now being totally ruled out from the education system very soon, so now you have to choose between CBSE and ICSE. I dont know much about ICSE so I cant write anything related to that.

    Hope this has helped you a little bit in taking some decision.


    Swathi 🙂


  33. shwetha says:

    Thank you very much swathi for your response,
    Now lot of things are cleared .. 🙂 🙂
    And do you have any idea about Sanghamitra Schools? I just went thru their website, and came to know that they will select students in lucky draw. but unfortunately too late to decide the schools admissions are closed it seems in silveroaks and in sanghamitra.. 😦 I have to wait till next year..
    So in the mean time I m just gathering the info about all the schools near bachupally.
    please give me a feed back about sanghamitra as well..

    Thank you in advance 🙂



  34. Swathi says:

    Hello Shwetha

    I too have very good reviews about Sangamitra. But getting your kid into that school is real tough. They have lots of pre reserved seats for siblings already in the school, then recommendations and all. And above all as you mentioned it has lucky draw system for the few left out seats after filtering for various people. That too you need to pre plan an year before, like if you want to join the kid in june 2015 then you should get the application in the year june 2014. They will call you in mid september or october and arrange a lucky draw and then if your kid is selected all fine. Else the search operation continues. 🙂

    . Sangamitra school is also one of the highly disciplined school in hyderbad. Even their fee structure is far less when compared to schools like silver oaks kennedy oakridge and all.

    Whatever the circumstances don’t join your kid in kennedy high which is in that batchupally stretch, Teachers beat children very badly that too even in Pre Primary grades. School administration is very bad. they are concerned about money . once we pay money they dont listen to our smallest of requests.
    A small experience of my frnd: My friend has a 8 year old girl who studies in Kennedy high. Her bus stop was a little far from her house , so she needs to go and get her every day. all was fine untill my friend was pregnant. So going that far everyday and picking her was becoming difficult for her as she advanced her pregnancy . so they went to the school authority to ask that just drop the kid near to their house where she doesnt need to walk a long distance. But they directly said no to their request even after listening to their concern. Even the kids there really behave very rudely.

    I know no school is perfect but we too are not. So i feel go for complete reviews from parents whose kids are studying in the school and then decide.


  35. AB says:

    Hi All,

    I want to get response from silver oaks parents regarding the performance of the school this year.I sincerely feel that there is a lack of honest communication between the Management and the teachers in getting the proper feed back and working on improving the drawbacks.

    I am a parent of 2 kids in Silver Oaks and would like to get sincere feedback of the teachers on the assessment and feedback that they give about the child.My personal experience is that i am not getting the correct feedback of the kids and i guess they have to be more diligent and honest in their feedback as giving always the positive feedback does not allow parents to look at the areas of improvement…specially in the PP1 and PP2 kids.

    For the Kids who are between 4th and 6th Grade…i guess the concepts should be made more clear.Bright students will any ways study in any school with minimal help.The school performance can be gauged only when they bring out the data of the number of average students who they were able to mould and raised their bar .

    I wish management understand how the performance of teaching and corrections have been on the down trend and take corrective actions before the school looses its name that they have earned over the years.

    Sincere feedback of the parents is appreciated.


  36. Madhavi.R says:

    Hi i m madhavi here, i have gone through all the feedback but little worried, I want to take admission for my daughter in class V and i really dont know how will be the study here becz i got some negative feedback for higher classes its not worth enough, so pls guide me.

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  37. is there any other thread where parents of higher standards have given feedback on this school. I am planning for my daughter’s admission for 16-17 academic year.


  38. Kiran Kasturi says:

    I am looking for the admision for twin kids for 1st class. Can anyone advise which school is best between Silver Oaks and Ganges Valley. Can you please provide the genuine feed back please


  39. Bindu says:

    I would suggest Silver Oaks for the following reasons

    1. I had put my daughter in Silver oaks for grade 1 and our experience with the school was really good
    2. Ganges valley is very new compared to Silver oaks and hence I would not advice to put your kids in a school where they are still experimenting with do’s and dont’s
    3. Seetha Murthy is a capable principal and I am also proud of Mrs.Shobha who is the head of Primary section in Silver oaks.

    Hope it helps.


  40. Rubi says:

    Can you please let me know where all the above review is far HYD or Bangalore. I am looking for admission in Bangalore.


  41. Bindu says:

    These are for Hyderabad location Rubi. You can check out the Bangalore school reviews in


  42. Bindu says:

    this is for hyderabad silver oaks Rubi.


  43. Ashwin says:

    Hello Bindu,

    I’m looking to admit my kid who is currently 3.5yrs in next june (2016) in PP1. I would like to know the recent and current status of the quality of education in school, working staff and how kids behave outside the school etc. Any idea on the fee structure for 2016-17.

    As most of the review are very old, i would like to get recent info. Also can I know if your kids are still at Silver Oaks HYD and if yes which grade.

    Does school has other acitvities like music,sports etc if yes are there xtra fee for these activities.


  44. Bindu says:

    Hi Ashwin

    we moved to US 6 months back. The school is good, I do not know about PP1 and PP2 as my child joined in Grade 1
    They have music dance etc from grade1 onwards.

    Fee structure must be around 80k per annum. Please contact school, they will tell you when they start giving application forms and you can also get to know fee details.



  45. sri says:

    Could you please let meknow about sri chaitanya techno school bollaram rd miyapur..Does it has CBSC syllabus .and how is the parent reviews..


  46. Bindu says:

    I do not know much about Chaitanya techno school.


  47. Mrudula says:

    Hi, when was the admission starts for grade 2. Is their any test process or interview.


  48. Bindu says:

    Yes there will be test. Please call the school office and ask for admission dates.


  49. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everybody else
    encountering problems with your site. It seems like some
    of the written text on your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as
    well? This could be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this
    happen previously. Many thanks


  50. Bindu says:

    As of now I am using my iPhone. Let me view in my laptop and get back to you


  51. autodrogeria says:

    I go to see each day some sites and sites to read articles, but
    this website provides quality based articles.


  52. Bindu says:

    Thank you


  53. Very good post. I absolutely love this website.
    Continue the good work!


  54. says:

    This information is worth everyone’s attention. When can I find out more?


  55. Vishnu says:

    I am planning to join my Kid in Class/Grade 3. Please let me know inputs on Silver Oak Sarjapur, Bangalore


  56. Ashel says:

    im planning to put my daughter in silver oaks school sarjarpur road. for grade 1 in the coming academic year. any feedbacks or inputs ?? any parents online.. I’m very confused and in panic mode whether it is a right choice for her. I loved the school overall.


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