MVM Hyderabad – Reviews from Parent tree


dec 2012Hi Hemanth,

I admitted my Kid this year in MVM after checking the infrastructure, academic result of board exam, Faculty List posted on their websites and after talking with parents of MVM students. I think you can go for it.



may 2012

hi sreeni,

academic wise MVM is really good.No complain about that.but only factor is school timings.its too long from 8:45 to 4:00 for preprimary kid is so tired after back to home.

the teachers and ayamas are caring to the students and the teachers communicate to the parents regularly through the diary.i am happy with that school.

so i am decided to change her school to kv.otherwise it is good.




JAN 2011


My children study in MVM. Not all that great, english is very very poor, not at all competitive, do not teach Moral science,Gk,

If you plan to put your children in IIT, then pls do not opt for this school…. not a good choice.

no good library or computer lab.

Ah!…Yes a very nice play ground in the school,good school buses … i dont rembember any thing else good…




JAN 2011


even i thought of joining my kid in that school. But few of my friend’s friend kids are studying and they said they are very good in teaching morals, yoga etc.  They said only problem was frequent change of teachers. School is very good in teaching sanskirt and slokas .




Feb 2, 2011


As somebody has replied that the school is very good in teaching morals,yoga,slokas all those are true…..

but that is secondary , main thing is the education….

The two women in the reception are very rude at times…… they dont answer any of the queries over the phone….


DEC 2010

Yes, Tipp, MVM has extra-curricular activities. I am not aware of teaching in higher classes now. It is quite an old and established school so i guess the teaching would be good. Kindly visit the school personally and ask the students after the school hours. My friend’s son is in class IX and she is saitisfied.



MARCH 2011

For which class ? my daughter appeared for 1st. Test was easy, based on UKG syllabus, teacher also helped her. She cleared the exam, though we didn’t take admission.

Fees – 25K admission,

20,400 Annual (10,200 to be paid in Apr and 10,200 to be paid in Oct). Plus 10-15K transportation, depending on the distance.

Negative thing i read on parentree about MVM – communication skills of teachers are not good. Someone told me that they give lots of homework. I don’t have first hand experience though.


FEB 2011

Hi Nit20,

MVM  is better than Academic Heights and BVB BHEL. Sanghamitra is good too.

You can prefer either MVM or Sanghamitra.

MVM is having entrance test for class 1 on 19th Feb. if interested , pl contact the school immly.



DEC 2012

My daughter is in class 1st MVM.  Please find few points  –

  • The school with big building, big playground and big empire of buses. seeing which i got impressed.
  • Annual Fee is 24k + 30k (admission) which might be less than other school in the area.
  • School timings are very long. My kid starts at 7:30am and comes back at 4:45pm, which i think is toooo long for small kids. Last month after Dussherra, they have increased the timings for no reason.
  • If you are staying on the route of bus, its good. else, they won’t change the route, not even for half a km.
  • Most of the activities are for elder kids, not for younger ones.
  • Studies are more like conventional schools.
  • Teachers stability is very less.
  • If you have any problem, the management, and even principal doesn’t listen, they just says every parent has some problem, what we can do.
  • Seeing my small kid condition, many parent from my apartment dropped the idea of getting admission.



DEC 2012

Hi Yugk,

I admitted my kid in LKG for 2013-14 in MVM.

I was also impressed with the big building, ground, bus fleets. Two things I see which is bothering you. Long hours and Teacher instability. Most of the school will not chane the bus route. Also, principal/management will not hear every parents problems. This was expected. Apart from that any other problem you are facing? I am actually impressed about long hours as I am working mother and anyways my kid would stay in Daycare if not in school.Please let me know about studies standard.



Maharshi, I visited the school and enquired with few parents. Everthing is great about this school, expect for communication skills aspect.  Children dont seem to pick up enough english and converse mostly in thier mother tounges.


I do not know about DAV Miyapur but my daughter goes to MVM (LKG). She has adjusted well to the school. The timings are rather long which was my initial concern but it looks like she sleeps for sometime at school so in the long run it turned out well. (I am a working mother so I would have had to put her in daycare anyway.)

Class sizes are small. There is no pressure on the children at all and the parent teacher interactions I had with her class teacher were very good. Communication channels are always open, whenever I have put forward any concern (by writing in her dairy) it has been promptly addressed.  She is picking up her lessons well and seems to enjoy them.

The only drawback I have seen is the tendency of the teachers to do her art and craft for her ! I would rather have her paste imperfect pictures in her scrap book than have the perfect work done by the teachers. However this I felt was a minor thing.

Otherwise I have no problems with the school.

MVM also takes all payments in cheques and issues receipts for all of them. There are absolutely no “cash payments without reciepts” as I have encountered in some other Hyderabad schools.

The transport facilities are also very good.

If there is anything specific you would like to know you can write to me in the PT mailbox



My son is studying 1st class in MVM. Overall I am happy with this school. Few points

> gives adequate time for kids to learn – no pressure and heavy work loads and they teach the concepts well

> good in physical activities (my son always come with lot of dust on his dress and sweat which is very much required in this age :-))

>His English teacher has changed for 2-3 times. So that could be a concern as the younger kids need some time to adjust with a new teacher

> There is an opportunity for other activities like singing, story telling, essay writing etc but not sure how far they are encouraging kids to participate

> Transportation arrangements are very good

> spoken English is not upto the mark, but my son learnt to speak in Hindi (because of his north indian friends)

> parents-teachers meeting – happens with lot of crowd but teachers respond with lot of patience

I am satisfied with this school because 2 points which I have mentioned initially.


Hi Narendra,

many kids come from KPHB and kukatpally, so I think the distance is reasonable. I prefer the commute should not be more than 20-30 mins for the kids<6 years. The buses always come on time and their routing is quite good. So I think MVM buses take the kids in minimum possible times.

Fee structure – it is quite reasonable when compared to all other schools in this area. Annual fee is 20k for 1st std. I enquired atelast 6-7 other schools in this area and all of them quoted minum 40k and upto 1.5L (even more than that).

Regarding spoken English – all teachers communicate in English only. It is usual tendency for the kids to talk among them in their mother tongue. It seems they dont bother much about it and I think it should be completely fine. We can encourage the kids to talk in english but speaking in their mother tongue is not at all a sin!  As I am not a big fan of speaking mandatorily in English, I am fine with this school. So, it is upto your preference.


Sorry for the late reply. Was out of station.

I agree with yndvijaya completely on the first two points. My daughter is in PP1 and the total time she needs to devote to studies at home is less than twenty minutes.  Also parent teacher interactions have been very satisfying. Never felt that the teacher was not giving us adequate time.

I also want to mention that even though they give a rough menu for lunch when I asked the teacher if I can give her other alternatives she agreed as long as they are vegetarian.

About English communication, we are Bengalis and my daughter communicates with her teacher in English, she does chatter with her friend in her mother-tongue and the teacher does not discourage that  (I guessed from the feedback I got from my daughter) . That is okay for me, I believe that language is there to build bridges not to make barriers.

Also recent scientific studies show that the more languages a child is exposed too the better it is for their brain developement. Frankly I don’t mind if she picks up telegu from her school friends.

Again as mentioned by yndvijaya, fee structure is reasonable. I pay all fees by cheques (no hidden payments), one of my chief reasons for choosing this school.

A lot of people shout themselves hoarse about corruption but do not bother about combating the corruption tugging at the roots of our school education system.

Altoghther I have no big compliants about the school. Small problems may be there but I belive they are general problems which would have been there if I had chosen any other school.

Hope this helps


I must mention that they have a very big playground which very few schools in Hyderabad can boast of. I have gone through the admission process in the school. The teacher asked my son very simple questions like his name, color of the dress he is wearing etc. This was for LKG.

I had a few questions regarding the long timings and they explained to me patiently that they allow the kids to sleep in the class and also that they give ample time for them to have breakfast and lunch.

It is more of an old style school where they also give importance to the spiritual development of the kid. They teach yoga, slokas and sanskrit is compulsory from standard 1.

Please note that they do not have the latest gizmos for teaching which may be used in other schools for example multimedia presentations etc. This is based on my observation  of the classroom and I may wrong with this point


When I consulted MVM for admission into LKG for my younger son they assured me of admission and asked me come along with the child for a brief interview. My elder son also study there in 1st class. For 1st class admission they conducted written test for him. After the test I’m surprised how quickly they assessed my child and told me his strengths and weaknesses in the subjects.

What I experienced, the school is good. All our concerns/queries that we mention in the diary are addressed to our satisfaction many times. The teachers and staff are kind and I notice the children feel free and move along comfortably in the school. I am also very much impressed their buses are very punctual and very clean.

They allow around 40 children in a class and I feel it’s not practical for the teachers to focus on every child more closely. Parents should be prepared to spend some time teaching the children.

It can be more good if they could improve greenary and facilitate bit more play ground infrastructure.


14 comments on “MVM Hyderabad – Reviews from Parent tree

  1. swapna says:

    I’m planning to join my daughter into first class next year.
    I’ve a general question – will there be really difference in students studying in activity
    based schools & schools like maharshi or vidyanjali interms of confidence levels & analytical ability. Pls help me to take a decision about my child’s school.



  2. NJL says:

    How about quality of education in MVM for the classes V and VIII. I am planning to join my child. Please help me with reviews.


  3. Harini says:


    What is the age requirement for LKG?


  4. Bindu says:

    Should have completed five and half for cbse schools.
    MVM is flexible I think


  5. rakesh says:

    hi Bindu,

    Can u suggest a good school around lingampally with moderate fee structure, good teaching, and extra curricular activities. thanks Rakesh


  6. ramesh says:

    HI i want to Join My KID for UKG now MVM Kondapur Campus.Any suggestion plz


  7. jemy amrutia says:

    Hi ,
    I am an x student of the mvm . the office staff misbehaves and the x students r never ever respected but , In all other fields the school is excellent.


  8. Bharadwaj says:

    Hi is studying in 5 class the school is nise but teachers are not they beat everyone in class


  9. Vandy says:

    This school mvm hyd is such a looters type school.they have taken money 1 lakh for seat booking now we r going to US n now they can’t refund the money.where this money went n they taking it as as a donation.such a lootera school .parents I suggest you don’t go for this school.


  10. Bindu says:

    Oh that holds true for all schools they won’t refund donations once admission is made.
    Good to know you are coming to US 😊


  11. Sri Chaitanya says:

    Comment about Sri Chaitanya IPL, Madhapur Hyderabad Branch
    Management is trying to conducting admission test and get the admissions each class more about 100 children. They started to teach Intermediate level to the child since 8th standard. Freankly speaking no one will receive complete knowledge from the teacher. Most of the students are suffering to practice the sums given by faculty, also sufficient JLs or ALs are not present. Principal Saraswathi Madam and Anjaneyalu Sir are not at all good to handle the students means no encouragement from them. Wrost management is going on in that branch.

    Dear parents , do not go for IPL chaitanya for admission. We didn’t find atleast one teacher is good.
    ***** no visualization classes
    ***** no proper guidance from the faculty
    ***** no personal care to the child whenever is required
    *****Teacher communication is very very poor


  12. Bindu says:

    Can you please mention your name and avoid mentioning names of people in your comment


  13. Satyajit Patnaik says:

    I plan to admit my son in class 11th at Maharishi Vidya Mandir (Kondapur, Hyderabad) this year.Kindly advise on the quality of teaching and faculty in higher secondary classes please.


  14. Bindu says:

    sorry, I do not have information about that.


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