Prasanna Kumar K B

K B Prasanna Kumar

K B Prasanna Kumar

K B Prasanna Kumar is contesting the 2013 Legislative Elections from Shimoga and representing Congress Party.

Here is a snapshot of his profile.

Personal Life

Mr. K B Prasanna Kumar was born on 17th November 1968. His father’s name is G.V.Krishnamurty and Mother’s name is Smt Bhagirathi Bai.  He did his education from Deshiya Vidya Shala, Shimoga popularly known as DVS.

Since childhood Prasanna Kumar was hyperactive and hardworking. As he lost his father at a very young age, he started working part time to support his family. Later he worked as Contractor and is a Class 1 PWD contractor.

He married Geethanjali in the year 1998 and is having a son Avinash.

Professional Background.

By nature he is courageous and helping. As he comes from a humble background, he can understand the needs of the less privileged group of society. Thus even before he got into Politics he was actively involved in Social Service. He joined Youth Congress at the young age of 20, and has engaged himself in all social developmental activities since then. Thus he is having a rich experience of serving people for more than two decades.

As a mirror to all his hard work, he easily won the City Municipal Elections, in the very first attempt in 2007, representing Ashokanagar Ward, Shimoga, and Karnataka State. Since then he has not left any stone unturned. He has immensely helped the people of his Ashok Nagar ward in all respects.

In his five years of service as Counsillor of Ashok nagar he has done his best to solve the problems of common people.

Some of the works he has done are as under

  1. He has solved the drinking water problem of Ashoknagar ward, Shimoga.
  2. He has arranged for 25 mini water tankers.
  3. He has got street lights fixed at all roads of Ashokanagar, that’s why this ward got the name – ‘ward of lights’
  4. Garbage maintenance was successfully implemented.
  5. SC/STs, and BPL Card holders were made to avail the benefits of all Government sponsored schemes like
    1. Free Electricity
    2. Access to Toilets
    3. Free Cycle for students
    4. Tailoring machine for women
    5. Grinders
    6. Computers and many more
    7. Scholarships for students through Government Municipal office were distributed
    8. Every morning from 5.30am till late in the night, people of Ashokanagar approach him for any grievances they have.

If you sit and watch him from morning till evening, you can observe that, he is not only working as Municipal Councilor but is also has to act as Family counselor for various problems of the poor. Thus he is affectionately called as ‘Anna’ means brother by the Ashoknagar ward people.

Owing to his success as a great brand ambassador of Congress, various other political parties did force him to join hands with them. But his devotion to Congress party and determination to help the poor and needy, and the secular mindset, never made him jump from one party to other.

Thus in the 2012-13 elections for City Municipal councilor, Prasanna Kumar won by 2536 votes as against the number of votes that were cast was 3737. The opposite candidates lost the deposit amount as they could not gain minimum number of votes required. This shows how much of popularity he has got by his hard work.

Various Positions held by K B Prasanna Kumar

  1.  City Municipal Councillor, Shimoga
  2. President, Shimoga city congress (South Block)
  3. President, Vishweshwaraiah Co-Operative Society, (Brahmin Community) Shimoga.
  4. President, “Sourabha” – A cultural organization, Shimoga.
  5. Treasurer, District Brahmana Mahasabha, Shimoga.l
  6. Vice President, District Madhva Sangha (R) Shimoga.
  7. Ex-President: Municipal Contractor’s Association, Shimoga.
  8. Vice President, Rajiv Gandhi Building workers Association
  9. Vice President, Indira Gandhi Un-Organized  Labour Organization.
  10. Started to work with Youth congress since  20  Years

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