Actions speak louder than words – Success story of Arunachalam

I feel I am lucky to have come across this Indiblogger’s Idea caravan competition. In this we are supposed to watch some videos and blog about the same. Each video is so inspiring and motivating.

In this post I am going to write about Mr.Arunachalam.

Arunachalam hails from South India and is a common man like most of us. He did not study in any IITs or foreign university. But still the simple thought of finding a solution to the everyday problem of the women of the house has made him a great Inventor. So according to him if you have to invent something, create something new, succeed in life, and then all you need is a problem!! Such a thought provoking, philosophical message is there in this statement.

He just invented low cost sanitary pads, the product already existed in the market, but at a higher price tag. Nobody thought of making one for lesser cost. They might have tried, but failed because of the monopoly of the big players in the market. But then how is that Mr.Arunachalam succeeded? Because he started it with a selfless motive. He started it for a cause. The wanted to provide a hygienic pad to all those ladies who could not afford to buy the costly ones. So without keeping profit as the motive, he just started manufacturing the pads, and also taught others to manufacture it. When he could put a factory at the top of a hill in Himalayas, which competitor will go and open his factory there!!!

The big message I get from the video is, we have to think out of the box, we need to have problems in life, welcome problems and find solutions to them, and share your learning, help others find solutions to their problems. Don’t run behind money but run for a cause. Let the cause be selfless.

And he narrates the entire experience in such a humor filled words, it sounds like humor but it’s also a reality. You will get lot and lots of punch lines in this 14 minute video. Watch the video and read the description below that to know about all this ventures, awards and accolades he got.

You can watch the video at

Arunachalam Muruganantham the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012


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