We are featured in a book!

My friends Adarsh and Uday are featured in a book! Read more…

Ek Sparsh

The story of “Ek Sparsh” has been featured in a book!   “You Own Urself” is authored by Sharmin Ali.

YOU (“You Own Urself”) is about overcoming one’s inhibitions. It is about breaking free from physical, mental or emotional handicaps.  A journey that every individual can associate with. Y.O.U talks about trespassing the status quo and taking control of your life.

I met the author last year  at one of the stalls we had put up to market our eco-friendly products. We started talking about the need to follow our calling in life.  She interviewed us for her book about 3 months back.

Here is an excerpt from the book.

“The desire to do something for their country led Adarsh and Udaya to take a huge ‘Leap of Faith’. On returning from the US, they took a meditation course at the Vipassana meditation centre at Nagarjuna  Sagar run by SN Goenka…

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