who is Ruma Roka?

Do you know Ruma Roka?

Suppose you are attending a quiz show, and you do not know who is vidya balan, but you know who is Ruma Roka, then you can feel proud of yourself. J

Yes, it’s true. There are so many unsung heroes and heroines around us and the media never makes them popular. But it gives so much publicity to people who do not deserve it.

I came across this video on the works done by Ruma Roka through indibloggers idea caravan contest. Again another very inspiring and heart touching performance by someone who is as simple and down to earth like me and you!

Ruma Roka learnt the sign language and tried to understand the potential of the deaf and dumb comrades of our society. Then she tried to educate them, teach them how to use computer in a 2 BHK house, and starts this venture with 6 students. And can you imagine now she is able to place 580 people in different big organizations!

The punch line is deaf and dumb people work better than us, as they are not distracted by what others are talking!

That reminds of the story of the frogs which fell in the well, and the deaf one jumped up even though those on the floor were shouting you cannot do it, give up. It thought they are encouraging, and the one who could hear, got demotivated and died in the well!

Well Ruma Roka is really great. I am sure she must have had a lot of opposition, heard lot of criticism from the so called normal people of society. But her will to bring everybody to the common stream has made her achieve the real success. So what is the message?

Just be deaf to all the demotivating words when you are working towards a noble cause. We can do it too. Let us do it.

Watch her narrate her success story here


Franklin Templeton Investments
 partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.


3 comments on “who is Ruma Roka?

  1. rnbabu says:

    Very true there are man unsung heroes in our society who r worth emulating. Its good to see someone goes against odds to help diversity talent.


  2. Bindu says:

    Yes, thanks for the comment.


  3. Barbara says:

    Nice to know about Hyderabad.


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