Silver Oaks, Miyapur, Hyderabad



My daughter did her Nursery, PP1 and PP2 from Bachpan a Play school, Nizampet.  But I was constantly in search for the best school for her. Every year I used to visit all the schools around us, inquire about academics, fee structure, student teacher ratio etc. But I was not satisfied with the replies I got.  Most of the schools would tell about fee structure first and want to continue only after we accept that. They didn’t even understand there are parents for whom fee structure is not the concern.

You must have read my other posts where in I compiled reviews on various schools and posted here.  Finally I thought Silver Oaks would be the best school for my kid and I took the application form in Dec, 2012. She had a test in December and by January the results were out and she was selected. I think we were done with the admission process by January end.

But even then I was tensed, I was wondering whether we made the right decision. Admission fee was 50k and Annual fee including transportation comes to around 80k. What if my daughter is not happy with the school. What if she asks me to put her in other school? So on and so forth.  But all my tension disappeared on day one itself. As my daughter came from school happily. I met her class teacher when I went to hand over the books. Her teacher Ms.Ramya is too good.

From day one my daughter Anagha started speaking about being independent, to learn new things everyday and so many such talks. Initially before the school started when she realised that her old friends have joined other schools, she was asking me to put her in other school, but now she says ‘ Please dont change my school, I want to study in Silver Oaks. This is the best school’.

Believe it or not she even said ‘ Thank you ma, thank you pa, for putting me in such a good school’!!

I just want to  thank the Director, Principal, Teachers and all the staff for making her feel so good at school and for imbibing values, beliefs, good habits and leadership skills in the children from such an early age.


11 comments on “Silver Oaks, Miyapur, Hyderabad

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  2. It’s very Informative Blog and thanks for sharing with us


  3. Bindu says:

    Thank You Leaping Frogs.


  4. Bindu says:

    Reblogged this on Lets Talk and commented:

    Just reblogging the old post as the admissions season has started. Silver oaks giving applications from November 17th 2014.


  5. Lakshmi says:



  6. Nalini Kanth says:

    Hi Bindu, my daughter is studying nursery want to put her in silver-oaks for 2016-2017 I would like to know about the details as below
    1) For PP-I is there will be any interview for my daughter
    2)Do you have any idea about their fee structure, even round figure also will do for me


  7. Bindu says:

    Hi Nalini,
    I do not know about PP admission process.
    For grade 1 onwards the total fee including security deposit, and other things was coming to nearly 80k per annum.

    You can contact the school authorities when they call for applications and they will explain you in detail.
    Good luck.


  8. sahaja reddy says:

    Apart from admission fee do they charge donation too? Please inform.


  9. Bindu says:

    No admission fee is donation I guess


  10. Mrudula says:

    Hi, I want the fee structure of grade2 for the current year


  11. Bindu says:

    Please contact school


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