Airtel ads 2013


Look at these new airtel ads, even though they convey the message even the poor people can get access to internet with Airtel, I did not like the tone with which the ads are made.

In the facebook friend ad, the lift operator is asking the other person ‘ Sir kya aap mere friend banoge’? which means will you become my friend?

This lift operator is so humble and hesitant. The other guy gives a look as if he is looking down upon him. Then finally agrees as if doing a favor. Why should the lift operator make friendship with these guys who are so proud about themselves!! Airtel thinks all those educated and working people who have access to net behave like this.

In the next ad – The rain and the E-mail.

The working woman in western wear is not able to connect to net, and the other lady in Indian attire, gives her a helping hand. This lady in western wear responds in a mocking tone that she has to send an e-mail, which could not be there in other person’s mobile. But the lady says ‘My mobile has e-mail facility’ . Then this lady sits next to her and sends the e-mail.

Even this ad portrays the educated and working woman as somebody who looks down upon others who are not so privileged.

All of us fall into the category of people with internet facility and I do not think majority of us would behave like the way as shown in the ads. The same message could have been given in a more positive way, buy showing positive emotions and behavior.

what is your take on this?


2 comments on “Airtel ads 2013

  1. shivaprasad says:

    How to add advertisements?


  2. Bindu says:

    which advertisements you are talking about?

    ads in my blog or the airtel ad I have attached?


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