Balanced Education?

Until recently we did not even bother about balanced diet, but now it has become a must. Now looks like we need to look at balanced parenting, balanced education, so on and so forth.

You might have come across the word ‘Alternate education’ where in the children can choose what they want to learn and just learn that. No regular classrooms, no specific syllabus, no restriction on age. The motto there is ‘when you learn something which you love to learn, and explore all needed resources and learn the subject. The understanding is deeper, and you will never forget what you learnt’. Who will not agree to this?  I never did any course in Hindi, but still I learnt it. My Hindi Teacher was Dooradarshan. Now I am teaching Hindi!!

But it is not as easy as said. I do not know of such alternate education schools in Hyderabad. At the most we can put our kids in such schools which gives more importance to all round development of the kid. At least those schools which would like to bring out the creativity in the child.

But again, not every child will become sachin tendulkar or Abraham Lincoln. Sakuntala Devi did not have formal education, but that does not mean I can let my child free of formal education and wait for wonders to happen!!

But at the same time when I see that she loves skating, swimming and such physical activities like anything. She was so much fallen in love with skating that she would get up at 4’o clock at the age of 5 to attend skating class at 5.45am. That was in Summer holidays. Then school started, she has to leave to school at 7.45am, hence cannot make her get up early morning, attend skating classes and then go to school.

Even though the school does offer skating and swimming, hardly a child will do 5-10 minutes of swimming in a week!! Two periods, all time is spent in changing dress, reaching swimming pool etc.

They do not get enough time to finish their breakfast and lunch. Hence they do not get the nutrition required. This is the complaint of all parents. Still the school authorities will not increase time duration for lunch and breakfast!

So why send them to school? Can’t we teach them English, Hindi, and the mother toungue at home? Can teach her maths. Morning to Evening if she is at home, she can even have proper food, sleep and lot of learning!!

The school gives them few things which we cannot give at home, like friends, Teachers, Competition, Descipline etc.  But again I feel the timings 8.30 am to 4pm is made for the convenience of working parents. they can drop kids to school and go to their office. Otherwise I feel the School timings we had 10 am to 5pm was best.

All the time they are busy doing the homework given in class, so when will they read comics? when will they do the drawing they want to do? when can she enjoy the morning sunshine on terrace? Only on sat and Sunday?


3 comments on “Balanced Education?

  1. seo plugin says:

    good work on various topics.


  2. matheikal says:

    You are absolutely right: the present education system leaves much room for improvement. It creates robots rather than creative human beings with concern for fellow beings…


  3. Amar Naik says:

    nice take on education.


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