An Immune India!

Well Indiblogger has come up with new contest ‘An immune India’ from Dabur, and wants bloggers to write about being healthy. But as soon as I read the topic my mind ran superfast in a different direction. India is immune to what? Yes literally we are not immune to Dengue or Malaria! It still attacks us. We are not immune to obesity, cancer, heart attack, Diabetes so on and so forth. But we are more immune few things homogeneously throughout India such as

  1. Corruption
  2. Violence on Woman
  3. Attack on Self respect
  4. Attack on freedom of speech
  5. Over powering of foreign culture over Indian culture
  6. Increasing cast-ism
  7. Fake organisations
  8. Diminishing Indian Languages…

so on and on and on………..

We have built such a strong immunity to all these.

A school asks you to pay donation in cash and does not give receipt, you pay and do not argue.. we are immune to corruption. It does not touch our nerves. It never makes us get angry, or ask for a reason.

A boy is teasing a girl on the road, there are plenty of people around, but no body is bothered. Does not affect them in any way. None of my concern!

You know the auto driver has wrong meter, you do not complain, why take unnecessary risk?

The candidates know that it was a fake interview, conducted just for the sake of rules and regulations, but nobody will complain! Not affected, not bothered.

There will be 50 students in a class so around 100 responsible parents, but if the teacher makes mistakes in Notes or teaching, nobody will question. Why should I? Why not others? Why should I be the problematic parent?

Where is India heading with this kind of immunity? When does our hair stand straight and hand is ready to give a punch? when will we pick up the phone and dial 100 as soon as we see something wrong?

Is it because of this urban lifestyle that our bodies have become so weak that they no more hold any hot blood??

will Dabur help us? To be not immune to these things??

Should we laugh at this or cry??


4 comments on “An Immune India!

  1. An interesting conceptualization. Liked the way it was explained. All the best.

    I would appreciate it if you read my entry at You might just love it.


  2. Bindu says:

    Thank you Lawrence,

    will surely read your entry.



  3. Amar Naik says:

    nice post bindu. dabur will make us strong to fight this evils of our society 🙂


  4. Bindu says:

    Hope so. Will be better than the allopathic drugs.


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