VOLVO Bus precautions

If you are in India, I am sure you would have come across the recent accidents that happened to two Volvo buses departing from Bangalore. One was of Jabbar Travels which was heading to Hyderabad from Bangalore and another was National Travels bus which was going to Mumbai from Bangalore.

TV9 Kannada showed some of the Emergency openings in VOLVO buses. Sharing the same with you.

  1. In KSRTC buses there will be hammer near windows and also a square shaped marked on windows which you have to break with hammer.
  2. An emergency door near the second or third seat, if you fold the seat you will be able to see the door, you can open the same and come out.
  3. You can break the rear glass panel.
  4. you can come out from Driver’s door.
  5. you can also lift the ventilator door and try to come out from there.

Please ensure what all emergency exit options available in the bus you travel before departure.

Please ask the driver and conductor to check the luggage of all passengers so that nobody is carrying any inflammable material.

It is high time we start taking responsibility to save our lives!!


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