Divide and Rule – Congress Mantra

Teacher Students

School Children

Divide and rule seems to be the mantra of Congress all over India irrespective of states. Long after the British left India, the congress continues to follow the rules set by British!

I must have asked nearly 100 people in Hyderabad as to if they need bifurcation of state, and the answer is NO. But still the congress nodded to division of state and thus dividing the people.

In Karnataka the Government has taken dividing people to new heights. First it came with some Shaadi scheme where in it said it will give money to minority community for wedding purpose. So the other communities obviously asked ‘Why only for them?’

Now the Government has said education tour to students from backward classes! This will be a torture to the backward classes than treat! Because the other students will start hating them, everybody will come to know who belongs to the backward class. The students will start forming their own group on their caste and creed. Is it necessary?

Till date discrimination for the backward, minority, economically backward etc started at University level because of reservation. People do not bother about students who score less and come through donation seat, but there is a discrimination for those who come from reservation. But now even the school students have to undergo through this Hell. How cruel, how irresponsible government!!


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