Best Surgeon for Hernia Problem

Dr.Mohan Das of Raghavendra Nursing Home, Shimoga, Karnataka, India is the best surgeon I have seen for hernia related problems.

From our past experience we were quite disappointed with major hospitals both in Bangalore and Mysore. Hence even though my mother was diagnosed with Hernia almost six months back we were hesitating to go for surgery. This is when my sister’s sister in law underwent Hernia surgery at Raghavendra Nursing home in Shimoga. We found the doctor to be very efficient and also could see how fast our relative recovered.

Hence without any second thought we decided we should go to Dr.Mohan das. Dr. Mohan Das might be having more than 30 years of experience in surgery. He is not soft spoken, hence many patients might get fooled by his rough and tough behavior. But we took every thing positives as we were informed of his talking styles before hand. First of all he scolded my mom for postponing the surgery for so long. He said had she come earlier the Hernia growth would have been smaller and could have gone for laproscopic surgery. Now it was big and major surgery was needed.  We got more worried. But nevertheless there was no other option.

We got her admitted on November 28th and to my astonishment I realized that the Nursing home did not have elevator. Stair case on one side and sliding path on other side to move patients in stretcher. Even though the hospital is not very posh we could see that it was neatly maintained. The corridors and all the rooms were cleaned almost thrice a day. Daily bathrooms and sink were washed. I could never smell any bad odor in the hospital premises.

29th was the Surgery and I was more tensed, my mother kept herself cool and said she was not tensed. Surgery was over by 11.30am, and she was moved to the ICU, the anesthesia effect was there hence she could not feel the pain, she spoke to all of us and I was so relieved. She told me that she kept talking with doctors when surgery was going on and it was lively. Also she was carefully shifted to other bed after surgery. She did not have any problem when she was shifted from OT to ICU.

I could remember that my experience when I was shifted from OT to Ward during my C section was not so smooth, so was my sister’s experience in Fortis Bangalore.

The good thing with this hospital is doctor came daily twice even after surgery to check the health of patient, in big hospitals the surgeon hardly visits the patient after the surgery is over. He delegates all the work to juniors. We have to keep running behind the doctors and nurses.

The nursing staff was very good and efficient, they always ensured that Patient is not hurt while giving injections, and other related procedures.

As the doctor accepts only one or two surgery per day he gives his full attention and time to patients. Also there is no hurry in discharging the patients. My mother was discharged after one week. She needs somebody’s help to get up from bed because of age factor and also her knee pain. Otherwise I definitely felt the recovery speed was better compared to previous surgeries she had.

I would suggest you go for Dr.Mohan das irrespective of your place of domicile. Shimoga is not very costly your relatives can stay in a nearby lodge and can take care of you.

The total fee was INR 60,200/- which included Surgery, all the medicines and special ward stay.

The Address of the Nursing home is

Sri Raghavendra Nursing Home
Laproscopy surgical center
JPN Road,First cross
Pin code – 577201

+91- 08182-224340




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    If your post didn’t have any examples, I would be lost.


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