How much does a Teacher earn in Your kid’s School?

All parents do enquire about the fee structure while searching for the right shool for the kid, but how many of us ask them about the pay package of their staff?

Except few exceptions where in a talented married woman might prefer to work in neighborhood school for less salary to keep herself engaged, most people do join jobs to earn money, to make a better living. And they would demand more salary if they are more talented. Organisations have to pay more to attract the best talents. So it is clear that if a school needs best teachers it has to pay them more.

These days we are paying minimum one lakh per annum for the best schools in cities. It can be Hyderabad, Bangaloe, Mumbai or Pune. If the class strength is 20 students, then those students are bringing 20 lakh per annum to the school. Out of this, how much is going to Teacher as Salary? In most of the cases not even 2 lakhs!! Can you believe it? Thus the quality of teacher is nowhere matching our expectations. Not only teachers, most of the events, activities, attitudes everything makes us feel shocked rather than surprised!!

So next time you choose a school, be doubly sure of the salary the teacher gets, that will tell us how qualified and efficient he/she is and inturn we can understand what to expect from the school!

what do you say?


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