Telangana Elections 2014

Today was the election day in Telangana for MLA and MP selections.

It was good to see enough number of helpers with laptops sitting in almost every street and helping voters.

We had noted our polling booth as booth number 83 from internet and the map referred to government school near our house. But we did not find our booth there.

When we asked these people who were guiding voters we came to know our booths are located in different school.

Even though it was mentioned mobile phones are not allowed, everybody carried mobile phone and no security checking was there.

I am sure the lady who had to loudly announce the electoral number of voters would get throat pain today! I do not know whether they will rotate their turns or same person has to read aloud the number and name for the whole day.

There were 31 candidates in the list. I hardly knew most of them. I had tried to know about candidates from website but did not find details.

Finally voted for the party of my choice.

My first vote in Telangana. and it applies to everybody here now 🙂


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