A new life partner ?




Well its good to be loyal to your spouse, but is it good if you are loyal to your company? When I say company, it means two things  both the organisation where you work, or the company of friends which you keep!!

You are loyal to your organisation but organisation needs someone who is having the expertise in latest technology, Then organisation wouldn’t mind breaking strings with you and tie another knot with another more valid and skilled employee! Isn’t it? Then why should we be loyal to the company?

And now lets talk about the company of friends. Over the years we see that our way of thinking is going tremendous change. A person who considered love marriage to be sin, might now see that its other way round! She might think arranged marriage is sin and love marriage is the most divine thing. But her friend who supported her old idea might not support her new idea.

When your way of thinking changes and the company you keep no longer accept it, then what is the fun in keeping such company? Rather such company becomes pain in the neck. But why am I telling all these?

Because I feel we often get addicted our gadgets in the same way as we get addicted to our company. Not bothering to know there are other better things out there. I have my computer ie desktop which I bought in 2000!, I have laptop which my husband gifted me in 2009! I have a tablet which I bought because of some indiblogger coupon I got . But in-spite of all these both my personal and professional life are lagging behind because of the inefficiency of these gadgets!!

The laptop suddenly started giving problems from past few months. I didn’t want to reformat it because there are few programs installed in it, I dont know if that could be copied to other system, as the program said for one system only when I bought it. It is some education software for my daughter

 and it has courses from pre-primary till grade 4 and she is still in grade 2. Losing it now will mean losing two years interactive chapters.

My fun book is of no use to me as it does not have Microsoft office in it. Also the more the memory is used the slower it becomes.

I cannot even use my husband’s office laptop as it has Lotus in it and not Microsoft office!!

Oh god, life has really become hell depending on all these losers!!

This is when I got ASUS, it was like dream come true. I could start working on all the pending work I had. I could start participate in all blog contests J

I could make presentations for my Training sessions.

There was no need to be always plugged in as it gives 11 hours battery life. Hence I could easily keep it in hand and continue my working while sleeping beside my daughter.

So the life wont stop with Asus.. your new partner for life…





One comment on “A new life partner ?

  1. Khushboo says:

    Asus Transformer sure does seem to be the answer to all your problem 🙂

    All the best!



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