Conversation in Kannada Lesson 2 – At Bus Stop

Person 1 – Excuse me, do we get buses towards airport here? – (Kan) Excuse me, illige airportige hoguva bussugaLu baratta?

person 2 – sorry, I do not know. – (kan) Kshamisi. Nanage gottilla

Person 3  – It comes here. But you should wait on the other side of the road. – (kan) adu illige baruttade. aadare neevu rasteya aa badiyalli kaayabeku.

person 1 – oh, is it? ( kan) Oh, Houdaa?

person 1 – Do you know the bus numbers? – ( kan) nimage bussina number gaLu gotta?

Person 3 – all numbers with 18 go to airport. – (kan) hadinentarinda shuru aaguva ellaa bussugaLoo airportige hogottave.


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