VIBGYOR School – Bangalore incident

Here is an update about the gruesome incident that took place in Vibgyor school Bangalore. A 6 year old child was raped by 2 teachers and the school authorities are not taking responsibility for kids. Here is the updates I got from a parent.

Update on vibgyor incident:Those who
cannot make it today…Here is update

      1. The incident took place on 2nd July and child of 1st grade was sexually assaulted by 2 school teachers.

      2. Two SPA coaches of school are involved in the incident i.e. Gymnastic Teacher and Western Dance Teacher

      3. The incident took place in main block of the school between 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in some dark room

      4. School is trying to cover up the entire incident and not ready to take any responsibility. School is trying to prove that incident happened outside the school but police confirmed it happened in Main Block

      5. Possibility of more people being involved cannot be ruled out by police as the Aaya (maid) took the timeout and she only took the child to dark room and after that she only took the child to washroom for cleaning on the day of incident

      6. The SPA teachers assaulted child on the pretext of punishing her and threatened her of dire consequences after the incident

      7. Both the teachers are in police custody but not arrested yet8. The class teacher, Primary coordinator, SPA coordinator and other teachers are being questioned by the police. All SPA activities are suspended by the school sine die till the investigation is over.

      8. This is not the 1st incident but many parents highlighted & reported multiple cases of molestation and child abuse within Vibgyor premises in last few years….In-fact last week 1 girl student of 6th class was molested by swimming teacher in school. The gymnastic teacher who is arrested, there were multiple complaints in past against him for taking pics of girl child and molestation. If school would have taken action against Gymnastic teacher on time then this horrific incident could have been avoided.842_horamavu

      9. All parents were aghast and shocked by the attitude of school authorities…The principal was hiding behind and on top of it school authorities named the child in public domain which is a serious crime…Parents were concerned that any tom, dick and harry can be teacher in VIBGYOR HIGH and most of the teachers are working for pocket money…They are not trained teachers & just doing time pass…Send your kids at own risk till end of academic year….It was shocking to know experience of other parents and it is one of most dangerous schools in Bangalore with lot many untold stories of child molestation and abuse.
        Please pass on this message to all your friends through all what’s app groups… A protest march is organized against gang rape of 6 year child in Vibgyor High School, Marathalli, Bangalore on 19th July (Saturday) at 10 am. It will start from Vibgyor School, near kundalahalli gate, thubarahalli, Bangalore….this horrific incident is now covered by national media….please circulate on all What’sapp groups…it will be our small contribution to bigger cause and will help in making world a safer place for kids..

  1. Request all of you to spread this message. Let us join in the fight against such incidents. The school authorities and people involved have to be severely punished. It can happen only with our efforts.

Read the reviews on mouthshut here

I just signed the petition “Karnataka Education Minister Kimmane Ratnakar: Issue directive to all schools in Bangalore to impose security measures for the safety of children” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:





29 comments on “VIBGYOR School – Bangalore incident

  1. Bhawna says:

    Hi ! My son stidied in vibgyor in Mumbai..thankfully I withdrew his admission this year. Anyways it pains me that leading newspapers like TOI Mumbai, does not name the school … The school name should be plastered in BOLD. Hit them where it hurts the most! Only when their biz/name suffers that they will take action on providing better security


  2. Anon says:

    So the school actually has something called a “dark room”? If that is true, were the parents alright to admit their children in a school that believes and practices pushing kids into dark room just because they are mischievous?


  3. mukesh says:

    Hey Bindu

    Can u just tell me who is organizing this march and do we got necessary permission since i also want to join the protest.


  4. Bindu says:

    As far as my knowledge there is a protest march tomorrow ie 19th Saturday which starts from school in Marath-halli. at 10am. As far as I know it is organized by parents.

    There was a protest on Thursday which had only parents of Vibgyor school. Tomorrow irrespective in which school our kids are studying all parents are requested to join.

    Do not know about permission and other things.

    Should we wait for permission? isn’t it more horrible than British rule in India??


  5. Kausalya says:

    We as parents or grand parents must ensyre our children’s safety first.we send our children to learn good stuff from a guru thinking a school will be the safest place for a kid but c wat happens.i think after incidents like this we will all be scared to send our chilren anywhere.where is thiss vworld heading to.the culprits must be tortured to death & people must be scared to commit such crime in future thro’strict laws as in some countries


  6. sai says:

    This school is the worst…believe me.. They are very rude, irresponsible idiots. The teachers are worse. I joined my son in that school…It was like hell for him.. The teacher would abuse, insult him..I had complained…after that things were even worse for him.
    Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu…we believe that.. But here they r like ghosts.
    I had to fight…every single day..It was a nightmare for me..I took t.c immediately.
    This school should be shut down…Parents should immediately take action ..This is no ordinary pathetic..


  7. Bindu says:

    Who is the Principal of this school? who is the director? because once they close this school they will open another school in different name. So we should know them. We should know the people who are running this institution.


  8. Renu says:

    VibgyorHigh Chairman Rustom Kerawalla,


  9. Bindu says:

    Thanks for sharing Renu.


  10. sai says:

    Archana Srivatsav was principal few years back..She herself and along with few other teachers and staff opened another school named CHRYSALIS HIGH IN WHITEFIELD..and other place in Bangalore..The principals are dressed very well…always as if coming out from a parlour…but least interested in taking up issues..


  11. prv says:

    even lkg and ukg kids are commonly frightened with dark rooms in many schools in Bangalor. kids are warned that they will be taken to dark room…. where is ravindranath tagore’s vision of education and where we are


  12. richa says:

    We parents should withdraw our kid/s from this any of this school branch…….
    If school is not taking responsibility, we as a parent can take responsibility of our kids……

    On other side, all teachers can also resign from such institute where kids are unsafe….

    Lets take some action, unless we take a step towards this untoward incident we cant expect other to act on same.

    1 step from each of us, will lead to 1000 steps….


  13. Bindu says:

    Yes I agree with you.

    But will the Government do any alternate arrangement for all the students and staff?

    Can we expect the government to take school under its power and appoint somebody as Director? I am sure there will be more legal problems involved.

    Or the other schools should come up with some steps like ‘admissions for vibgyor students without any donation’

    Looking forward for some thoughtful steps by other schools.


  14. Benoy says:

    I am releived that i have withdrawn my kids from this school. I feel even parents also should think before paying such a huge fees every year to this school. This is what we get back from them.Why we are not taking the teacher also guilty who has locked the kid in a dark room? Is that kid was a such criminal to be locked up in room? Is this the child friendly education Vibgyor provides?

    But on a complete aspect i also feel that there should be regulatory meassures on all schools as most of them lacks security meassures. The education system is becoming a profitoriented business for this upmarket schools and they are forgetting basics of education.


  15. Naresh says:

    Sai you seems to be having a lot of knowledge about Vibgyor and other schools., hats off to your knowledge. Guys I am a parent of the kid who studies in this organisation and also few of my acquaintance are among the staff as well. I am associated with this institution since past 3 years via these. I have no other relation nor any other concern with management of any other idiots associated with this. All my concern or a question to those who are participating among this rally, protest and so on., do you guys really have any idea as what are you doing? Do you really understand the impact on thousands of other kids who are getting exposed with the nuisance you are creating? What do you want from the management? why don’t you talk to them., you are protesting and destroyed the school with your anger I understand; but is this the way you need to address this issue? Why not pull the concerned and get them arrested with the police, and let the school continue to run? if you have your kids studying in this school and if the school is closed what would you want to answer to your kid? I understand the sensitivity of the issue., and I condemn that the school authorities way to close the matter which is worse. Now since it is exposed, let cops take action on it.,
    Do you want the school to be closed? Do you want the school to be de-notified? Chairman of the school or anyone among the school would sure have no loss of this. So who is on loss., just think.
    Among one of your comment by Sai referred the school very indecently. Can you share me the details of your ward and so forth? I would also join to question if so a concern in Vibgyor!
    I am among a parent who analysed tens of schools before I put my kid to a place. I had realized that this school has all the best that my kid needs and until this incident I was completely sure that my kid is at right place.
    Let me know an industry wherein such rascals are not seen? they are everywhere, nab them and protest to get a severe punishment to these rascals. Instead of spoiling the reputation of a well being of an educational institution.
    You are happy to see all the obscene trailers, advertisements, posters around you? Are you happy to see vulgarity among the society? You are happy among all these without really realizing where these are impacting. It took the right age for me to learn about vulgarity, but now I see kids around me in colony commenting on these. Don’t you think these are the root cause for many major incidents as such?
    Now there is an FIR on the school let them do their job and if you want to protest do the protest at the right place. Whatever you do kindly just spare a minute and do just right.
    Today all SPA activities in school are stopped., my kid enjoys these days of school among these SPA classes. Now I can see the difference while there is no play in the school.
    Guys you are making it too political., I also heard of a Bangalore bundh on this issue., really. Are we really going to support it to make the political benefit?


  16. Avi says:

    The principal of the school hails from Bihar and most staff members including the arrested man are from Bihar. So no surprise at all.


  17. Sai says:

    Naresh, if something of this has happened to your daughter, will you be giving the same gyan…??!!!


  18. Rashmi says:

    The license of the school should be cancelled and all the parents should withdraw their wards from this school. The school and all its branches should be shut. This cannot be possible if the parents of the wards studying in this school don’t take this step. Hope they do that!


  19. @Naresh: I was going through the comments and happened stumble upon yours. I feel you have not got the gravity of the issue and in no sense does your comment catch the right sentiment of the word ‘Sensitivity’. It feels that, perhaps for you, this issue is as casual as getting a scolding for not doing a homework.


  20. Naresh says:

    Sai, for your information I have my son and daughter are studying in the same school. It is not I am not concerned. It is just that do what is right. This is one incident that is shameful to the school as I agree, as well I have personally experienced many other incidents wherein school I felt that this school is doing right. Your comments talking about a large mass of teachers particularly on this school staff not sure how much information you have., you might be right.
    But I just said with whatever GYAN that I had with my personal experience with the school.
    All who is planning/advising to shift just answer to me that how do you know that other school that you choose is safer than this?


  21. Sarvesh BG says:

    I don’t even think that Naresh is a bonafide parent whose kid is studying in Vibgyor or else he would not have been harping about the society at large. He is more concerned about the other kids missing the school and is not at all worried about the incident. It is as though ok the culprit has been caught so now lets get on with our lives. Pathetic Guy!


  22. Prakash says:

    @Naresh, Don’t be so selfish, You are concerned only about your kid’s happiness. Kindly understand that all kids have got the same rights. If it would have been happened to your kid, Would you be responding in the same manner ..? I really doubt you are a genuine parent. Don’t forget that you also have your family members who is equally vulnerable. Instead of giving long preaches kindly join the protest or Atleast don’t discourage the people who are doing it.


  23. Naresh says:

    Thanks for the various versions of responses to my comments., I certainly do not see I have conveyed what I need to., it is more of throwing stone over the dirt. Now I am dirtied, to all of your knowledge I supported the initial rally and protest with me, my in-law and couple of my colleagues. Once the curprit’s are caught and fingers pointed right to the school let the law take the decision. Why not further rallies continue some other place apart from school premises. Even a couple of days ago I heard of a batch of parents protesting @ rama murthy nagar branch – School is right there why not have a dialogue with the management instead. Among another incident in Bannerughatta road branch a parent comes and say I would like to withdraw Olympiad exam of my son as I do not have faith on your school; what is the relation among these? at the same on another incident a parent barges in to school and insists that class teacher show the proof that her daughter is in school.
    Certainly one ugly incident by a rascal introduced new meanings and new titles for a noble profession that we call GURU by devotion and Teacher by respect. Now I see thousands of people posing this incident putting down all the teacher community.
    I appreciate your efforts; my point was just to say choose the right medium over the right people,
    I know there are more bouncers to be on this comment of mine as well which I am not interested; thus unsubscribing from posts. All the best to all with your efforts.


  24. gappey says:

    In regard to security of kids- no matter how much vigilance school does, no one can read anyone’s mind. People are giving so many suggestions but no one is talking of the root cause. The culture of long school hours in itself is incorrect. For kids of classes 1 to 5 there is absolutely no need to stay till 3 -3.30 in schools. Course is less and to fill time there are various activities like chess, swimming, taekwondo, soccer, reading club, skating etc which calls for outsourcing instructors… and a lot of mobility of kids in and out of class room. In such a culture of long school hours its not easy to be alert all the time. In our days school hrs were 7.30 to 1-1.30.. And we stayed in our classes except for sports, music or any school competitions… I believe for kids ( who do not have much understanding of safety) of grades 1 to 5 school should be a no nonsense education place where any extra curricular activity be planed with only school employees and within the time of 1.30. In fact kids learn better in personal coaching which we have to give anyway. For those who still want the school hours to be long they can opt for after school activities… but school timings till grade 5 should strictly be no longer than 1.30. Besides safety, this age group is the time to build immunity ( good food) and creativity (free play time and not structured play)…and not the time to be in school for 70% of your waking time.


  25. gappey says:

    Without personal loses and suffering no change no revolution happens…. So its not the time to think about 1 year academic session of the kids who are going to VIBGYOR… Parents should not panic. Until we boycott schools like this and they incur monitory loss they will not budge… but this is still doubtful as VIBGYOR is a chain all over India with same management.. how far we can go…

    But THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE TEACHERS, PRINCIPAL AND MANAGEMENT ARE MORE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS THAN THE CULPRIT HIMSELF…. AND STILL NONE OF THEM ARE ARRESTED… When people like these are caught , schools simply throw them out of job without any FIR ( so that school image is intact) and no one knows their names and so they get jobs in some other school and continue do the same.


    SO you can see nothing is going to happen in this case also why… because 1. we middle class people have no lobby( like film stars or big businesses) to move the police or politicians… we middle class do not find use to any of these… and 2. Because, to some extent we are helpless as at the end of the day we have to go to offices… and to some extent we are selfish as we think that why should me and my family suffer when we are not the victims…

    VIBGYOR is rich and powerful… I wish all these people be punished asap ….

    I still think all nonsense of extra activities should stop and kids 1-5 grades should be sent to homes by 1.30… because no matter how much you educate them of safety when things like these happen child is scared to death to fight… you can never prepare a small child for resisting this if he is caught in seclusion…


  26. gappey says:

    I think Naresh belongs to VIBGYOR and posting in fake name 🙂


  27. Mireya says:

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