The Breeze, that fragrance…

This blog post is for a blogging contest by Godrej.

Fragrances bring sweet memories. When we have to talk about fragrances
and memories, there is not one we can mention. There are many such
fragrances which are present at different places, which bring different

The one I am talking is the breeze of trees and the fragrance of flowers
which welcomed me during the winter season in Mysore. The path was from
Manasa Gangotri ( mysore university campus) till our SJCE college in

Road to Sjce, Mysore

Road to Sjce, Mysore

we used to have classes in the early morning, the road used to be empty
with occasional passersby, most of them used to be students from our
college. And thankfully the days were good enough to enjoy a lonely
drive in the solitary path.

In those early mornings, some times the rain drizzling, I would go to my
college in my ‘Chal meri Luna’ among those trees and flowers enchanting
the eyes and the mind.

Gone are those days, never to return. Will there be any such ride, when
I am going alone in the nature’s free exhibition, not to be worried by
the responsibilities behind..??


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