Create website and host it for free!!

Were you always under the assumption that you need to have lot of technical skills and money to own your own website??? No… its not true.  You can buy your domain at as less as 2 dollars and host it free. 


Here is the step by step guide to create your website.

  1. First thing is you need a domain name. Go to google and search for ‘buy domain’. Look at the outputs, you will get lakhs of links offering domain names. Visit few of them and buy the domain name as per your budget. For beginners I would suggest, buy domain names for as low cost as possible, as you are still in the learning curve. You can even give search term as ‘Domain name for less than 100 rupees’, Domain name for 1$ and so on.
  2. You can buy domain names with .net, .in, .uk, .asia for less price. So keep your login and password details safely.
  3. Then you need a hosting account. Search for free hosting in google. I would suggest hosting by 000webhost. This one is absolutely free. Once you sign up you will get an e-mail with your login and password details.
  4. Next step is the name servers. If you are buying domain name from one service provider like godaddy and if you hosting at 000webhost then you need to update your name servers.
  5. You can download free web composers, I would suggest go for Kompozer.
  6. Create your first page in that, save it as index.html
  7. click – publish. It will ask for your user name and password. User name will be ftp.yourwebsitename and password will be the one you got from your hosting partner.
  8. Your website is ready and online now.
  9. Click here to get your free hosting now.

Simple isn’t it?  I will post other methods and detailed procedures soon. Keep working on your first project till then.


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