Inspirati presents- Invisible Hands…!!


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Episode – 5

Life has become totally blank for Tara and Shekar. Both of them are praying for only one thing, return of their darling Roohi. Tara is feeling guilty, dejected, depressed and has realized that the one and the only thing she needs in life is the happiness of her daughter. She doesn’t want anything more but her daughter. The maid came and finished her work. She asked if there was any news of Roohi, and the only reply she could get from Tara was tears.


It hurt Shekar to see her wife in so much pain and helpless condition. Tara who was always strong and determined had become so dull and weak. Shekar prepared tea for Tara. He took some courage and told Tara that they have to be strong. He assured her that Roohi will be fine. Tara hugged Shekar and burst into tears. She confessed that, she ignored Roohi and it is her fault. Shekar consoled her. He told her it is not her fault and it is just their fate. Now both of them hoped for only one thing, their child Roohi to be safe.


Jennifer was all the more thrilled to work with Vijay. She wore her favorite Cotton top with polka dots and matching bangles which she had bought from handicrafts exhibition. She joined Vijay for breakfast. Vijay on the other hand felt lucky that he was in the company of Jennifer who was not just beautiful but hard working too. They discussed their agenda for the day. Jennifer was impressed by his approach to work. This is the weakness of all intelligent girls, they easily fall prey to smart men. But they take time to realize that, what they need in men is loving heart and not intelligence.

They finished breakfast and their first task was to meet Inspector Tawde. They reached the police station and introduced themselves to Inspector Tawde. Tawde told them that Child trafficking has become a big headache as the children are more vulnerable to these kidnaps. With increasing nuclear families and reducing attention on children, the children become easy prey to these kidnappers. Tawde tells them that the police force alone cannot find the culprits, the society should take responsibility and keep the police informed when ever suspicious events happen around them. Vijay and Jennifer agreed to what Mr. Tawde told. Then Tawde gave them the files of missing children and took leave from Vijay and Jennifer as he had to attend another urgent case.

Vijay and Jennifer went through the files and were horrified to see the photos cute little kids. For a moment Jenny felt dizzy and was about to fall. Vijay held her in his arms and made her sit on the chair. His heart started beating heavily by the touch of her. He told her she can go back to hotel and take rest, even though he did not want to miss her company even for a moment. Jenny said, ‘its ok, I am fine’. She was all the more determined to take up this challenging task after looking at those innocent pictures of missing little ones. They also noted down the addresses of missing kids, so that they can speak to their parents.

Vijay wanted to make best use of this trip not just for professional reasons but also for personal reasons as his love for Jennifer started blooming moment after moment. He thought of taking her to the beach first before the next task. They went to the beach and enjoyed the rush of wind and water at the sea shore. Jennifer was thinking how calm and serene the Kochi beaches are compared to the crowded Mumbai beaches. Meanwhile Vijay listed the address of parents whom they have to meet. Vijay told Jennifer she can accompany him as she looked tired. But Jennifer refused telling she can work independently so that they can save time. They divided their work and Vijay went on to meet one of the parents of missing kids. Jennifer thought of taking some photographs of the beach before leaving the beach.


Jennifer thinks of taking the photographs of as many kids as possible so that it might help her in her project. When she looks at the kids around her, she finds that all the kids are happily playing with their parents, friends, guardians. Nevertheless she took photos of them. She spotted a girl who is crying, she was with a woman, the woman did not look like child’s mother. She felt something fishy and took the photo. She wanted to go near the child and talk to her but the child was gone!!

Her phone rang and it was Cyrus. She did not answer the call. It rang again and she answered telling she is too busy to talk with him. Cyrus told her that he is in Mumbai and wants to meet her. Jennifer was annoyed as she did not want any personal matter to distract her in this challenging task she had taken. She sternly told Cyrus she has no time for him. But Cyrus pleaded to meet her, he promised her he wont take much of her time. Finally she agreed to meet him as she was eager to share with him the photos she took, especially the photo of the girl who disappeared after she took the photo.


It was almost one hour and there was no sign of Jennifer. He thought of calling her again to ask where she was, but thought it might annoy her. Cyrus did not want to make any mistake this time. He had made up his mind to announce his love for Jennifer. He did not want to lose her at any cost. His mind was spinning through all the beautiful moments of the past. The entry of Vijay in their life was like the entry of Villain in a movie. The thought of Vijay would make his face become red with anger. He was totally lost in all these thoughts… suddenly he heard the familiar female voice “why are you here?”


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9 comments on “Inspirati presents- Invisible Hands…!!

  1. cifarshayar says:

    Beautiful writing, the story has changed from my point of view but I think this is the motive of this game of blogs combining different point of view into one


  2. Bindu says:

    Thanks Cifar,

    I was really tensed… 🙂


  3. This is lovely. You’ve kept the plot tight and the speed of the story at a good pace. We’re doing so good, it’s fantastic.


  4. Bindu says:

    Thank you abhyudaya. 🙂


  5. who is the new mystery girl?? would hv to read the next part. 🙂
    You have kept the story very crisp. Enjoyed reading.


  6. Vanya says:

    Loved the way u took it forward!!! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Bindu says:

    Thanks Vanya. 🙂


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