Yudh Review

amitabh in yudhI would say the serial Yudh in Sony was a masterpiece in comparison to all other serials that are coming these days. Story is not very much new, but the characters the placing of different incidents kept the episodes so thrilling.

Should we ever mention the acting skills of Amitabh Bhachchan. But great people never become great by luck, its the hard work. The same is seen in Yudh also, I could see Bachchan sir in all new avtar, I could feel the emotion, the stress, the anxiety, the pain everything the character Yudh would undergo. I even doubted whether I had to check my BP after every episode.

Zakir hussain as Anand has acted so well that, I would say his acting is at par with Big B. Hats off to Zakir Hussain for his brilliant acting. The way he walks, his gestures his every action showed his loyalty towards his friend Yudh and how he would transform to be a good father when he is at his home with his son.anand-zakir

Role of Anand’s son has also come well. Anand’s wife’s character has come so well. I have to find her name.

Though Sarika playing the role of Yudh’s first wife did not appear in much of the scenes, still she did make a difference.

Everyone has done justice to their role.

anand wife yudh

The credit should go to story writer, director and editor equally. Because there is so much of chaos in the story that without proper editing the whole serial would lose its identity.

So many new concepts are introduced. Guiding Dr.Taruni through online video and someone disconnecting the net, shows the reality that its too early to adopt technology for such serious situations.

Overall I thank Sony TV, Anurag Kashyap producer Ramesh for giving us such a good Entertaining psychological thriller.

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Rishi, Son of Sikander in serial Yudh



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