#Inspirati presents – Down the Memory lane

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Episode 13 – Down the memory lane

Tawde sank into the chair exhausted. His conscious mind reminded him that he is getting himself to lot of trouble. But his heart went on convincing him that, what he is doing is right. He cannot let go of his only child, the fate has brought him in such a phase of life where in he has lost all his loved ones. The only person whom he can think of his own, with whom he can spend the rest of his life is his daughter. The daughter whom he said good bye a decade ago.

He was doing his BSc Honors at the university of Agra and that is where he met her. She was so beautiful and friendly. She was a Marathi and even Tawde hailed from Mumbai, that is how their friendship bloomed. They both were active members in the Maratha Mandal of university. Together they planned lot of events, they celebrated all festivals, the Maratha Mandal included faculty, students, and staff who knew Marathi. Some students joined the Mandal even though Marathi was not their mother-tongue as they wanted to enjoy the Maharastrian food during festivals. All the close friends teased them as Mr and Mrs Tawde, and she would blush. They completed their Honors and Tawde started his search for job. He was very eager to write civil services, he wanted to be an IPS officer but could not clear it. Also hailing from a middle class family he had to find one job to support his parents at home, who had to get his sister married. So in the next attempt when he  not make it to IPS but got selected for Inspector post he embraced it with whole heart. His love never interfered in his decisions. But pressure started increasing at her home about her marriage. That is the tragedy of Indian women. They never get so much time to shape their career as much time as a Man gets. The usual answer a girl gets from her parents is, first you get married, then you either continue your studies or you work, do anything at your husband’s place. But it was really a tough time to Tawde. Because he could not keep the proposal of marrying her in front of his parents. If he talks about his marriage before his sister gets married, he will sound too selfish, also considering the different caste of the girl, his parents would never oblige. Also it would make them difficult to find a bridegroom for his sister. But he did not want to lose his love at any cost. Without the consent of the boys side, it was difficult for the girl to convince her parents. So the they thought first they will go for register marriage then they will inform them. All is fair in Love and War. So they married, and it was not so easy for them to inform their parents about the same. She continued to live in her hostel and Tawde was posted to a different Town. Very soon Tawde’s wife gave birth to a baby girl. Without proper care, surviving on hostel food condition of mother was critical. The doctor could not save the mother.

Tawde was clueless. He was heartbroken, he didn’t knew what to do with the child. He could not take his baby to his home, he heard that another baby born to the lady in the next room could not survive. Because of his designation somehow managed to keep his baby in that baby’s place. He noted the names of the parents, Shekar Dutta and Tara!!

Very soon Tawde got a marriage proposal. He would have rejected it if not for the sake of his parents and his sister. A marriage offer which came to his sister demanded that if they are ready to marry their daughter in turn with Tawde, they would marry Tawde’s sister to their son. With passing years, Tawde’s parents really did not want to miss this proposal, they convinced Tawde to get married. And for Tawde, when his love of life had left him, he had no other option than to at least help his sister settle in life.

Being in the police department it was not difficult for him to keep a track on his daughter. Now he even knew her name is Roohi. He did not have much worries as he thought his daughter was in good hands and was leading a happy life.

But things turned more cruel in Tawde’s life. His wife was diagnosed with Cancer and God did not show mercy on Tawde. For the first time he felt he was an orphan in this big world. Even though he could keep himself busy during his work, spending time when there was no work became a torture to him. The empty home, the quite rooms, the silent kitchen all laughed at him. On one such night he told himself ‘ No I am not alone, I am not alone, I have a daughter. I have a daughter!!!’

And that is when he decided to get his daughter back. And he used all his criminal knowledge, police power to get it done. But he was aghast when Jenny came and started interrogating him. He could not understand who betrayed him, he had hardly let the secret out. Did she really get any clue or is she just confusing me so that she will find me guilty?? No, I should not show any sign of shock on my face. And why should I, after all I am just trying to get my daughter back with me.

————————————— ***——————————————-

Vijay was horrified to hear the role of Inspector Tawde in Roohi’s kidnap. He just couldn’t believe what Jenny told. How could it be? He regarded him with so much respect. In fact Inspector Tawde had shown so much concern for kids who were kidnapped. He spoke so well about social system, and how every one needs to be socially responsible towards society. Can he be involved in child trafficking? What happened to Jennifer? Has she gone mad because of Cyrus’s condition? No Jennifer had her proof.

She showed Vijay the mail she got from Cyrus. Which had a link to a blog. In the blog they read a story which almost resembled all the characters that they knew. A husband and wife. A 9 year old daughter. Daughter is kidnapped. There is one Inspector. And in the story the Inspector was involved in the kidnap. It cannot be just a coincidence. And also in the story there is a neighbor who is friendly with the kid and he is also involved in the kidnap.!!


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11 comments on “#Inspirati presents – Down the Memory lane

  1. Well written. Can’t wait to read the next episode. Nice detailing on Tawde’s past. The character is looking real now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bindu says:

    Thank you…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vanya says:

    I am loving it! Really a very nice way to write about Tawde’s past! and then the twist again!! Dying to know how they will solve the case!! well done!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bindu says:

    Thanks Vanya… Tawde’s past is based on some real life incidents you know 😉


  5. Alok Vats says:

    Nicely written Bindu. Fantastic.


  6. Bindu says:

    Thanks for dropping by..:-)


  7. Well Written Bindu, Great Job…


  8. Bindu says:

    Thanks Cynthia… Still in the learning phase!!


  9. Vidya Sury says:

    Aah, so that’s what Tawde is up to! So is he a good guy or a bad guy? Still a mystery eh, Bindu! Great job! 🙂


  10. Bindu says:

    Everybody is born good.. the situations make them good or bad in the eyes of others… 🙂


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