Stand by Sarita

Sports is the most neglected field in our country. Its all the more difficult if you are an Indian woman getting into sports. But is the effort worth it?

Truth & Light

You come from country where woman getting into sports is something unheard of.  You are born in an age where the only sport that offers glory and a road to fame is Cricket.  You are born in an age where most girls either choose studies or the glamour

Stand by Sarita Stand by Sarita

industry to make their mark in the world. Then, you choose to be different. You choose “Boxing” ,  a sport that women were once forbidden watch as the sport of your life.  You train yourself for decades, at the age of 32 when most woman would have a stable family life and a stable career going on,  you get into the boxing ring and take punches to bring medals and glory to a country that went with out a medal for 16 years in the olympics.

Then,  when some judges err and rob you of a Gold Medal.  The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) officials…

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