Madam Jayalalithaa & a few thoughts of mine…..

One should not be punished just because they were not smart enough to hide their mistakes!! Even those who are smart enough to escape from law should be punished.

Truth & Light

27th  September 2014 will be remembered as an unforgettable day in Indian Politics.  Some would remember it as a day justice got delivered, for many others it will be the day on which their great leader, their strong leader,  their own AMMA was convicted and arrested. However,   for many other curious onlookers like me, it is a day of dilemma.  This judgement  and the present circumstances  pushed me into a confusion as to whom I should support and the sort of stand I ought to take. It took me good 7 days to collect my thoughts and here I present them to you.

27-jaya Madam Jayalalitha

Madam Jayalalithaa’s conviction in the Disproportionate Assets case cames as surprise to many, many believed that she would come out of it unscathed,  a few others thought that she would be  let off with a small sentence.  The conviction, the 100cr rupee fine, the 4 year imprisonment and her consequent disqualification from holding any elected…

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